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 10/3/2011 9:42 AM

It may be looks like my question wil be very silly but i frankly in need of ur ideas

I am a starter in Quantity Surveyin . How can i start practising in doing Estimation..Is there any web site that i can learn stepwise.or any reference books , i can refer. Also, whats the limit of project planning for a quantity surveyor when compared to a planning engineer

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 10/3/2011 9:43 AM
Quantity Surveyors play a key role in the organization and financial management of construction projects. A Quantity Surveyor (QS) is a professional person working within the construction industry. The role of the QS is, in general terms, to manage and control costs within construction projects. 
First I will give the basic idea what is the role of QS in Project Controls and as well as in Contract. In the begining stage you might be getting some confuse,by studying and refering lot of books you will be interest to gain more about your discipline. 
QS Responsibilities in Project Controls: 
1. Preparation of Detailed Clause 14.0 CPM Programme fully resource and cost loaded 

1. Monitor the progress at Site and Update the Programme on pre-determined frequency as agreed - Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly 

1. Conduct Critical Path Analysis and Earned Value Analysis on the Project Performance Achieved and analyze its effect on the remaining works 

1. Assess Time associated Risks on project and suggest mitigation measures prior to them reaching a critical stage. 

1. Prepare Earnings, Cash Flow Forecast and conduct detailed what if analysis for the projects benefit 

Scenario : Cash flow forecast depicts 1.5 Million for October 2011, What needs to be done to Achieve 2.5 Million on that specific month - Analyze the options of accomodating additional works within target month with careful considerations and utilization of resources and floats availability on works to the projects advantage. 
In this case to get increased value due to certain requirements as a contractor, you could utilize the float on the low value works and concentrate on bringing upfront the High Value works to be executed at later stage, considering the practical site operational point of view. 
1. Detailed M.I.S Reporting - Planned Vs Actual, Physical Progress, VOWD Progress, Critical Path Analysis on Update, 6 Week Lookahead 

QS role in Contractural Responsibilities: 
1. Ensure the Documentation for Insurances and Bonds per Contract Requirements are in place and maintained 

1. Sub-Contract Agreement/ Work Order Preparation for the Works sub-letted 

1. Calculate the Qty of Works from Drawings and Validate against the Bill - Key First Requirement on re-measured Contract to assess the True Value of Work 

1. Preparation of Interim Payment Certificates in line with work completed 

1. Setting up forms for ease in getting updates on Materials Delivered, Actual Manpower Deployed and Equipments at Site and their monitoring on regular basis. 

1. Payments to the Sub-Contractors/Vendors 

1. Cost Control - Measuring how much has been spent for getting the value of work - cost variance in detailed manner on individual work items and their analysis - ETC, EAC, VAC, further utilizing the findings and communicating the same for future project requirements. 

Further If you need any details regarding your study or work you can mail me I can provide you reference details and notes for you to improve your career.Regarding in Estimation also.
New Post
 12/24/2014 11:00 AM

HI Richard,

That is good information you have given, but can you please tell me that how or where to get the standard productivities of diffrent labour craft and equipment for estimating, I know that many companies has there own standards and these are varied with each others similarly they are also varied within the company in respect of the location of project.

I am asking of them because i have some own standards and i want to compare them with others...



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 7/27/2017 8:52 AM
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