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Today, capital projects are increasing in size, scope and under far more scrutiny. Consequently, owners and contractors are faced with mounting pressure to adopt stringent project cost and earned value management processes to enable complete project transparency. Improved planning, budgeting, earned value analysis and cost control are imperative to reduce project risk and secure on‐time, within budget delivery.

PRISMG2 by ARES Project Management is a total cost management solution designed to support the project lifecycle ‐ including CAPITAL PLANNING & BUDGETING, COST MANAGEMENT, ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT, CONTRACTS ADMINISTRATION and CONSTRUCTION. With PRISMG2, you will reduce project risks by aligning cost and schedule in a single, user‐friendly application. Seamlessly combine budget, committed costs, actual costs, changes, progress data, and schedule dates required to effectively communicate forecasts with accurate measurement of overall progress and earned value performance.With PRISMG2, view real‐time information, pinpoint potential problems and react quickly to address issues.

The Results:  

PRIORITIZE PROJECTS WITH PRISMG2                                                  


PRISMG2 supports complete top‐down and bottoms‐up visibility into your multi‐year capital plan. Budgets can be managed by line of business, priority, ROI or phase of project, and type of work. With PRISMG2, conduct what‐if analysis and easily Prioritize/de‐Prioritize, or even stop projects as necessary based on how well they perform within the portfolio


PRISMG2 helps you monitor, anticipate and proactively mitigate project risk. Through powerful, yet easily understood analytics, you can predict likely outcomes and avert costly mistakes. We help you address problems long before they reach the crisis stage and give you the ability to quickly implement change at the enterprise, program or project level.


To gain greater visibility & management awareness into variance and trends, PRISMG2 provides seamless integration with scheduling and ERP systems to monitor budget versus actual. This complete solution provides highly configurable and comprehensive progressing capabilities to support basic to fully compliant earned.



Instant and accurate forecasting is easier said than done. PRISMG2 supports configurable workflow for the review and approval of changes to meet your specific change management process needs. Further, we realize changes aren’t just at the project level, but impact finance, delivery and management. Ensure changes adhere to governance requirements and an audit trail is captured for accurate approval


Lack of standardization and poor communication can seriously erode productivity and budgets. Today, project controls staff spends 90% of their time gathering and validating data. By standardizing your processes and implementing a configurable solution like PRISMG2, you will empower your project controls staff to provide in‐depth analysis and corrective actions required to eliminate surprises.

ARES’ Commitment to Advancing Project Cost Management to Support Capital Projects

What sets ARES apart from other technology project management companies is that ARES is the only complete solutions provider solely dedicated to the advancement of Project Cost Management.


To support the entire project lifecycle, the PRISMG2 solution provides users with role‐based access to the information and tools needed to effectively carry out their responsibility. To that end, PRISMG2 hides unnecessary features and shows only relevant data required for a user to effectively do their job. From web‐based, configurable dashboards for executives, mobile, online and offline accessibility for the field and an easy‐to‐use, excel like interface for experienced project controls. The by‐product: an integrated cost control system, where everyone is using the same up‐to‐date, consistently accurate cost information and forecast.



Unlike other project cost management solutions, PRISMG2 will provide an immediate return on your investment with some companies saving up to 20% in project management services. This is because PRISMG2 is a configurable solution and not a custom solution. Most alternative solutions require custom coding and lengthy implementations in order to meet an organizations business process. The PRISMG2 solution can be implemented within 60‐days.


ARES provides integrated Project Management capabilities for EPC organizations and owners managing projects in the Energy, Nuclear, Mining, Infrastructure, Defence, Construction, and Aerospace industries. Teaming with its customers, ARES consistently provides high‐value‐added products and services on‐time and within budget. Today, PRISM is used by the top EPC companies and in fact is the standard at URS Corporation, Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM), Ausenco, and Chiyoda; as well as Parsons for Cost Reimbursable projects requiring EVM. Other examples include Jacobs, Shaw Group, Bechtel, Fluor Daniel, AECOM who have implemented PRISM to manage major projects such as Crossrail, Dulles Metro Rail, Salt Waste Processing Facility, MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility, Ground Base Missile Defense, to name a few.

About ARES Project Management LLC


ARES Project Management LLC, a subsidiary of ARES Holding Company, is a world‐class provider of integrated project cost management solutions. Organizations in more than 50 countries rely on PRISM to manage the complete project lifecycle of capital projects to lower cost, mitigate risk and improve project performance. Loyal customers include 4 of the 5 top defence agencies, 8 of the top 10 mining companies and countless energy, oil and gas, aerospace and engineering and construction firms from around the world. With more than 95% repeat business each year, ARES is a results‐oriented business partner with a drive towards 100% customer satisfaction.