Minimize Acumen

Acumen Fuse®

Acumen Fuse® is a schedule diagnostics tool that quickly identifies and resolves project weaknesses. With Acumen Fuse, establish a strong project foundation, and

  • Build sound and achievable schedules without a manual critique

  • Analyze your schedule and get a clear and contextual view of schedule quality, cost-forecast accuracy, project performance, and more

  • Standardize schedule assessment with customizable and repeatable metric analysis

  • Improve project team and stakeholder communications with meaningful automated reports

Learn more about project analysis with Acumen Fuse

Acumen Risk™
Acumen Risk™ integrates cost and schedule risk analysis with a project team’s existing risk register for an accurate reliable forecast. Acumen Risk simplifies the risk analysis process to provide a clear path forward.

  • Capture team input on risk and uncertainty with ease and accuracy

  • Evaluate and report true cost and schedule risk exposure

  • Identify the high risk areas of the schedule and the drivers behind that risk

Learn more about integrated cost and schedule risk analysis with Acumen Risk.

Acumen 360™
Acumen 360™ gives you the ability to accelerate time frames, recover delays, and analyze project scenarios in real time. 360 offers an innovative method to improve and optimize project plans.

  • Run any number of "What-If.." analyses to truly understand how acceleration or delays affects the project

  • Automatically generate schedule scenarios for comparison and decision support and export the chosen scenario back the native scheduling tool

  • Apply intelligence to the acceleration to ensure acceleration options are realistic and achievable

Learn more about schedule acceleration with Acumen 360.

Acumen Cloud™ 
Acumen Cloud™ uses Acumen Fuse diagnostics results to power simple project benchmarking. Easily identify where your project ranks against a global database of similar projects and determine where improvements should be made to improve the quality score.

  • Gain insight from an ever-growing knowledge base of global project data

  • Determine your quality score and probability of success based on historic data

  • Track project and portfolio scores over time

Learn more about project benchmarking with Acumen Cloud.

Acumen software integrates with Microsoft Project, Primavera (P3 and P6), Primavera Risk Analysis, Deltek, ARES PRISMG2, Asta Powerproject, UN/CEFACT, and Microsoft Excel.

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