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ProjectControlsOnline ("PCO") is the largest Project Controls central repository and knowledge base with presence in all 7 continents and over 190 countries. We are first choice of all Project Controls stakeholders (providers and consumers) as a venue for informational exchange across all industries that apply Project Controlsprinciples.

Explore PCO's Premium features such as Video Library *and Premium Library*, White Papers and Presentations*, Technical Papers, Glossary, Conference Presentations* in addition to Free Library, Paperback-Literature, Practitioners-Guide, Blogs, Tools, Networking, Resources, Links Directory, Surveys , and Latest Happenings for the benefit of Project Controls Community. Note that features marked with * are for " PCO registered members only "

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Finally, please note that you may NOT get badges, stars etc. by posting content on PCO as they are pretty meaningless as they do NOT make you wealthier, fitter or more attractive to the opposite sex! The best you will get from contributing to PCO is the satisfaction/self-respect from knowing you have helped others. So, please continue to make positive contribution to this community portal and extend whatever help you can to your fellow colleagues. Thanks!
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