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Charities supported contributes a percentage of revenue each year to charity. This year the principal recipients of our donations are:

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (

Great Ormond Street Hospital treats more than 90,000 patients each year - children suffering from the rarest, most complex and often life-threatening conditions. They receive the best medical care that money can buy, but the NHS funding cannot meet these ever-rising costs, and that's where the hospital's charity, GOSHCC, steps in. [Registered Charity no: 235825]

Aai Foundation (

Aai foundation is registered non-profit organisation in India whose mission is to catalyze socio-economic change in India through the education of underprivileged children. In addition to this, whenever possible, they also offer supprot to wider issues affecting their life such as health care, environment and socio-economic aspects. Anandvan (

Maharogi Sewa Samiti (MSS) is a nonprofit organisation in Central India helping socially retarded people to enhance their livelihood capabilities through self-discovery and empowering them to contribute back to the society.It was founded in 1949 by internationally known human rights activist Baba Amte, to better the plight of the marginalized leprosy patients and people with disabilities through treatment, training and active inducement in self managed communes. The unique approaches of individual development consists of helping the marginalized break free from the past and regain their lost sense of dignity by engaging in production oriented trades to let them live an economically productive life. MSS has a firm belief in giving a 'Chance' and not just charity to the socially outcasts who have lost sense of self-respect. It gives them opportunities to self discover the worth of their hidden ability and thus eliminate their dependence on others.

Vatsalyagram (

Vatsalya Gram is an avantgarde alternative to women’s shelters and orphanages simply because this is the only facility in the world where underprivileged children and women of every age live together as families and form enduring relationships as parents and siblings – thus eliminating the very need for orphanages and homes for women. Each Vatsalya family comprises seven children, a mother, an aunt, and a grandmother living in the security of their own home. The womenfolk are conscientiously trained for their most important role, of parenting upto seven children per home. This unique arrangement gives children and women a sense of community, thus encouraging an emotional connection of love and trust without any distinction of caste, creed or race. In addition, every Vatsalya child is provided with quality education equipping them with life skills for a fuller and better life. This in turn gives them a purpose for living – to celebrate life in all its beautiful hues!

The Institute for Indian Mother & Child (IIMC) (

The Institute for Indian Mother & Child (IIMC) is a non governmental voluntary organization, committed to promote child & maternal health, literacy and to accelerate International solidarity & Peace. IIMC was initiated by Dr. Sujit Kumar Brahmochary and was set up in 1989, with the mission to give support to the medical needs of the poorest and most backward people of West Bengal, India; people who have no access to basic healthcare and medicinal facilities. Today, IIMC has expanded its activities to include Medical Program, Health Education & Health Promotion Program, Network Program, Education & Sponsorhip Program, and integrated rural developmental projects including women economical empowerment though Micro Finance Banking Program and agricultural program.

SOS Children's Village (

SOS Childern's Village take action for children as an independent non-governmental social development organisation.They respect varying religions and cultures, and we work in countries and communities where our mission can contribute to development. We work in the spirit of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and we promote these rights around the world.

Friends of the Childern of Orissa (

Friends of the Children of Orissa are a small charity which was set up in 1992 to assist Palli Unnayan Seva Samiti (PUSS) in Orissa, who are still our main partner. In July 2012 we started a new project, to rescue runaway children from the railways.

For twenty years we have been supporting the children at the PUSS residential school near Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa, India's poorest state. There are now some 400 girls at the school; they have come from a variety of disadvantaged backgrounds. Some are children of sex workers, or of beggars, some are from leprosy colonies, and some were abandoned as babies. They get a good education and loving care at the PUSS school, and when they leave school they go on to further education, to formal employment and to other worthwhile occupations. We raise the funds for this through this website, through 'word of mouth' publicity, through fund-raising events, an annual classical music recital, and a variety of other means.

Our supporters include friends from Cranfield School of Management, from Filgrave near Milton Keynes, and from many other places in the UK and abroad.

Unlike many other 'big name' charities, we have no administration, transport, office or fund raising costs, in the UK or in India. Committee members and other supporters visit Orissa regularly on other work, and other expenses are covered by in-kind donations.