ARES PRISM Enterprise Project Controls Software

ARES PRISM is an Integrated Project Controls solution that enables organizations to manage all aspects of their project and programs throughout the project lifecycle. In today’s dynamic world, improved planning, budgeting, earned value management, performance measurement and cost control have become essential for reducing project risk and secure on-time, within budget delivery. In addition, capital projects are increasing in size and scope and are under constant scrutiny. With an integrated cost management solution, PRISM G2 helps organization reduce project risks by aligning cost and schedule throughout the project lifecycle:

Combine budget, committed costs, resource requirements, and schedule dates

Effectively communicate project performance with statistically-accurate estimate at completion information

Complete and comprehensive
earned value

For over 25 years ARES Project Management, LLC. has helped owners and contractors manage and control capital projects more effectively. Integrate and standardize processes from Cost Management, Change, Engineering, Procurement, and Contracts to Field Management and access real-time Project Intelligence with the only complete, integrated project management solution – ARES PRISM.


PRISM Dashboards is an intuitive drag & drop tool that lets you see every change as you make it. Project Controls Professionals use it to see and understand project, program and portfolio performance at a glance. Work at the speed of thought without ever taking your eyes off the data. Anyone comfortable with Excel can get up to speed quickly.

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PRISM G2 Cost Management is the heart of the PRISM product. This complete cost management solution supports all required processes including budgeting, resource planning, time-phasing, progress and performance measurement, Earned Value Management, cost and schedule analysis, risk tracking, funds allocation, forecasting, and reporting. Each user integrates project schedules and initial cost estimates to develop time-phased budgets and forecasts. This tight cost and schedule integration eliminates the need for schedulers to resource load and update progress in their schedule after the initial project plan is input. With more than 25 algorithms supporting even the most complex progress measurement, PRISM G2 is the clear winner for complete cost control.

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PRISM Change provides organizations with a complete and auditable system for tracking cost and schedule changes to the project’s baseline and forecast. Change management helps support communication between all stakeholders within an organization and fosters better project control via transparency, increased awareness, and better decision-making. Click here to know more about

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PRISM G2 Engineering is designed for budgeting engineering tasks and deliverables by hours and quantities to calculate progress achieved. It helps an easy understanding of the progress percentages from engineering tasks and link them to budget line items for accuracy in performance measurement of overall progress and Earned Value Performance.

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PRISM G2 Procurement provides the required functionality to manage the complete procurement process for any size or type of project. Customers can easily generate purchase requisitions, Requests for Quotation (RFQs), bid analyses, and purchase orders by accessing process equipment and bill of material databases. Upon award, manage shipments to ensure items are properly tracked and delivered to the job site according to plan.

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PRISM G2 Contracts is an essential contracts management tool, whether you are an Owner, EPC or Construction Management firm. Customers take advantage of this solution to create Prime Contracts, manage Request for Proposal (RFPs), conduct bid analysis and award committed contracts, as well as complete payment processing. The result – complete revenue tracking and cash flow.

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PRISM G2 Field Management is an essential progressing tool for efficient and timely status updates from the field. Keep your team, including contractors and subs, on track by identifying critical issues when tasks are going over budget or falling behind schedule. Accurately report progress based on hours, costs and installed quantities with user-defined rules of credit for complete performance measurement. With detailed field management throughout the project lifecycle you will be alerted to issues in a timely manner allowing the rapid development of corrective actions to keep your projects on-time and within budget.

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PRISM Estimating was designed for large Enterprises that require consistency and centralization of their estimates and estimating data. The developers of PRISM Estimating were pioneers in enterprise software development and were amongst the first globally to develop solutions over the Jboss Application Server (Java for Enterprise Software). This gives PRISM Estimating a strong footprint as a product that can operate and deliver maximum results within a multi user environment.

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PRISM Portfolio provides organizations with the ability to track projects through their entire lifecycle; from ideation to close-out. Organizations can set project stages like front-end loading, conceptual engineering, feasibility study, detail design, etc. They can also set project gates where approval and rejection decisions are made. Click here to know more about.

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PPRISM Docs is a documentation management solution for finding, sharing and controlling critical technical and business documents. It is a simple and flexible tool for solving the most complex data management, workflow and collaboration challenges while easily addressing the unique requirements of other departments across the enterprise. Click here to know more about.

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PRISM Integrator is an SAP Certified application to integrate G2 and SAP. For organizations running ERP 6.0 to current, the application obtains period actual financial data from your SAP accounting system and integrates it to G2’s award winning cost management application.

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With over 25 years of providing project management solutions to customers in multiple industries, ARES Corporation has the capabilities and expertise needed to help any client succeed. From scheduling, to developing work processes and procedures, to PRISM G2 implementation, ARES has the processes, the personnel, and the tools required to effectively manage projects, all backed by a reputation earned by solving our clients’ toughest challenges.

Service offerings include:

  • Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera scheduling support
  • Cost estimating support
  • Project controls and reporting support and custom development
  • Project planning support
  • Review work process, coding structures and reporting requirements and make recommendations for improvement
  • Assist in the development of Project Procedures and Project Management Plans
  • Develop a training program tailored to fit your organization’s work processes, including project management techniques and software implementation
  • Assist in project startup
  • Provide extension of staff during project execution

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