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The basic project control supporting documentation - By, Dr Dimitris Antoniadis

Jun 30
In chapters 4 and 5 of my book ‘Demystifying Project Control’ and my two previous blogs we looked into the project control as a function and how the department should be structured. In this blog, as I do in chapter 6, I am looking into the documentation that supports the discipline and provide a..
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Structure of the project control department - By, Dr Dimitris Antoniadis

Jun 05
As discussed in the earlier blog there are two main functions that are considered as project control. These are scheduling and cost control. In my book ‘Demystifying Project Control’ and chapter 5 I look into how to structure the department and examine two main options, the wider/integrated view..
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Is project control a department or something else? - By, Dr Dimitris Antoniadis

May 18
In a series of blogs I will be looking into the issues and the challenges faced by project management professionals regarding project control.Project control, although considered as very important for the delivery of projects, for many years has not really been described and in many cases is regarde..
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Perfecting the Fixed Perspective Windows Delay Analysis - By, John Jackson

Jan 28
Abstract – With the variety of Delay Analysis Techniques available to schedule reviewers and analysts, it is difficult to know and implement the most reliable and effective way of demonstrating an accurate impact calculation caused by delay. Contractual requirements for time extension requests..
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Create a New Project in Powerproject - By, John Jackson

Jan 28
In this video you will learn how to start a new Project in Elecosoft Powerproject, from an experienced construction scheduling consultant. Want the Training Manual?Get the training manual for this series, as well as other great free resources for Powerproject, including a free Scheduling Template an..
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CPM Scheduling – Why a Project Roadmap Is So Important - By, John Jackson

Jan 28
CPM Scheduling – Why a Project Roadmap Is So ImportantThe role of CPM scheduling in the construction industry has increased significantly over the past couple decades. One reason for this is economic. Owners have become more demanding in their scheduling specifications in order to better monit..
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Reactive or Proactive Scheduling? - By, John Jackson

Jan 28
Reactive or Proactive Scheduling?To many managers in the construction industry value is overshadowed by cost. By not seeing the value that planning and scheduling can bring to a project, 98% of the project budget may be placed at risk in order to save a few dollars of the overhead budget. I categori..
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4 Reasons Project Schedules Don’t Get Updated - By, John Jackson

Jan 28
4 Reasons Project Schedules Don’t Get UpdatedWe are often asked to work on troubled projects, such as when a contractor realizes there are two months of remaining contract time with five or six months of work left to perform. While my clients usually request that I go back to the beginning of ..
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Scheduling Technology or Experience – Which is Most Important? - By, John Jackson

Jan 28
Scheduling Technology or Experience – Which is Most Important?Advancements in technology continue to stretch construction project programs and their managers. It sometimes seems that the technology has outpaced organizational capabilities to manage it. While the technology promises advantageou..
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3 Executive Strategies for Successful Project Execution - By, John Jackson

Jan 28
3 Executive Strategies for Successful Project ExecutionSo much is written and discussed these days to help teams execute organizational objectives. It is not enough to have thorough knowledge of a particular strategy, and good intentions will not get the job done. What organizations need is a cultur..
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