Cost Forecast Checklist

Friday, 29 January 2010
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·            Review Engineering Personnel Schedule

·            Review Actual MH, Productivity, Wage Rates, % Complete, 3rd Party Costs

·            Determine “To Go”

-    Manhours Based On Manpower Loading; Engineering Deliverables

-    Productivity

-    Labor Dollars (Wage Rates, S/T & Avg)

-    Schedule Progress vs. Plan

·            Review actual OH & ID dollars and determine the “To Go” OH/ID dollars

·            Review Qty Trending (Est. vs. Design), Mat’l Take-Offs, Rework, CCNs

·            Risk Assessment of Engineering Costs


·            Review committed, actual and open commitment dollars for:

-    Tagged Equipment

-    Bulk Material

·            Review any outstanding P.O. changes

·            Review Procurement Personnel Schedule

·            Review critical & long lead items.

·            Risk Assessment of Procurement Costs



·            Review Construction Personnel Schedule

·            Review Construction Equipment Schedule

·            Review Direct Labor Actuals

-    MH Expenses By Craft

-    PF Earned By Craft

-    Qty Installed to Date By Craft

-    Physical Percent Complete By Craft vs. Plan

-    Actual Wage Rate, OT By Craft

·            Determine “To Go”: MH, PF, Wage Rates, Labor $, Progress, OT

·            Review Rework, Backcharges, CCNs

·            Review Craft Turnover and Absenteeism

·            Review Construction Material (Shorts) Actuals and “To Go”

·            Review OH & ID Tracking Charts

·            Review Approved and Pending Change Orders

·            Risk Assessment for Construction Directs

·            Review Subcontractors:

-    Current Contract Values, Pending Change Orders

-    Committed, Actual and Open Commitment Dollars

-    Percent Complete, Productivity

-    Manhours Expended

-    Forecast at Completion

-    Risk Assessment for Subcontractors



·            Review E, P, F, C Schedule

·            Review Risk Register & Contingency Analysis

·            Overall FCST Change for the Period

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