How to Trim Activity ID or Activity Name in Primavera P6

Tuesday, 21 June 2016
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When we think about Trim data, we usually export and do it in excel. However Primavera P6 also give us a tool to trim data by itself.

For example you need to get rid of the “A” letter in Activity ID.

First you go to Tool -> Global Change

Click on “New” button.

In “Then” section, In Parameter select “Activity ID”, In Parameter/Value select “RightString(Parameter,#)”

Then click on that field to adjust “Parameter” value to “Activity ID” and “#” value to “4”.

Click on “Change” button.

P6 will show you a preview of the change. Click on “Commit Changes” button.

Now you can see there is no “A” letter in your Activity ID.

This tool also can be applied to Activity Name and some other text field.

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