Brown Field Engineering

Dec 05
Modifications to an existing plant, for its expansion, debottlenecking etc., entail a set of specific engineering tasks and documents which are not found in a "Green Field" (new built) development. As the modifications of the existing plant will lead to a change of operating conditions..
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A few things Engineering must do to enable the fast track execution of projects

Dec 05
precise definition of interface between disciplines, through procedures, responsibility matrixes etc, to avoid "waiting on others", close coordination between disciplines, such as piping and civil: engineers and designers to be grouped by work areas rather than by disciplines, ..
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Where the Engineering work sequence does not match that of construction….

Dec 05
On a recent visit to a construction Site I could identify clearly why civil works are a pre-requisite for mechanical works. Look at the picture here: the installation of pipes and steel structure on the concrete pipe-rack cannot proceed before all undergrounds are laid so that the area is backfi..
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How much detailed is DETAIL Engineering?

Dec 05
Similarly to realizing where BASIC Engineering stops (see corresponding post) it’s interesting to realize that DETAIL Engineering does not produce all execution drawings: some are left to the construction contractor to develop. The civil DETAIL design performed by the EPC Contractor, e.g. ..
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Why EPC Contracts are bound to be delayed

Dec 05
As the most common form of Contract for an industrial facility is an EPC Contract, we refer to EPC contractors, isn’it? This is a little misleading I believe… and offers an opportunity to unveil what I believe to be a systemic cause to EPC Project delays. One could imagine an EP..
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Effective Engineering progress monitoring

Dec 05
Engineering progress is commonly measured by assigning a weight, usually the required number of required manhours, to each task/deliverable. Once the task is performed/ the deliverable is issued, the corresponding manhours are earned. The earned progress divided by the total number of manhours g..
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Where does BASIC Engineering stops?

Dec 05
Do you know where FEED stops? Take the test! Follow the link below to print the test form: Done? Have a look at the solution: ..
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Schedule up-dating

Jun 16
Contracts specify how a contractor’s entitlement to an extension of the project completion date due an event attributable to Company shall be determined: The completion date is extended by the impact of the event, as demonstrated by the schedule logic, on the completion date. There will ..
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