Tank fabrication steps & Activities

Tuesday, 26 January 2010
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Tank fabrication steps are mainly,

  1. Shop Activities
  2. Plate layout and marking
  3. Cutting, edge preperation
  4. Rolling/bending
  5. Inspection, NDT (incase of longitudinal welds)
  6. Fabrication of Nozzles/manways/ladder/stairs/platform etc;
  7. Blasting and Priming

Site Activities

  1. Bottom plate laying & Welding
  2. PWHT of clean out doors (if any)
  3. Installation of clean out doors(if any)
  4. Shell Plate erection/welding(1st course,2nd course etc;
  5. Roof plate erection/assembly/welding
  6. Nozzles and attachments fit-up and welding
  7. NDT ( Spot Radiography for butt welds and MT/PT for fillet welds)
  8. Water fill-up test or any other test as required by ITP
  9. Blasting of site welded areas and Painting

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