Incorporating Risk Assessment into Project Forecasting

Jan 09
Brief author profile Dione Laratta (MBA, PMP) has 16 years of experience in the energy industry with the last 8 years focused on project management. She currently serves as a Project Controller with ICF International on a $200 million environmental project involving mitigation for constructi..
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Shortcut for moving WBS element

Jan 03
In WBS window, we can create a whole WBS structure by keyboard (faster than using mouse). In stead of click on the Plus icon to create a new WBS, we can press “Insert” button on keyboard. Enter the ID, press “Tab” then enter the name. We may want to move it left, ..
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How does "Actual units" spread when you use Resource curve

Apr 07
How does “Actual units” spread when you use Resource curve We have an activity which is applied “Back Loaded” resource curve. When we update progress, the Actual unit will spread just like we plan...
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EV (Earned Value) Maturity - Its benefits and why it is important

Feb 16
Often there is discussion on why the EV needs to be matured and what are its benefits - tangible and as well as non tangible. I am making a small attempt to list some its benefits and keen to know your thoughts - The benefits of improved EVM at enterprise or PMO level: Standardised proces..
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Microsoft Project : Custom View (New view) appear in all Project

Feb 16
When you need to customize a View and save it for later use, sometimes we only need that View for a certain Project. However by default Microsoft Project always save New View to Global template, and it will appear in all project. This can cause problem because day by day the list of View will incre..
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Automatically update progress in Primavera: The difference between Apply Actuals and Update Progress

Jun 26
In Primavera, when you need to make a quick update of project (Let’s say everything goes as it’s planned) we have 2 ways of automatically update progress: Apply Actuals Update Progress Here I will only explain what is the difference between these 2..
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How does "Resource curve" work?

Jun 22
How does “Resource curve” work?   Let say we have an activity with 100 days duration and 100 labor units. By default it use Linear spread. It mean, when you reach 5% of duration (5th day in this example) you have 5% of total unit (5 unit in this exam..
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What does "Effort driven" option do?

Jun 22
What does “Effort driven” option do? You may wonder what does “Effort driven” option in Task Detail Form do? Here I have 2 tasks. Task A doesn’t have Effort driven check. When I assign 2 resources to it, the Work unit for each resour..
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Create critical path for "any activity"

Jun 22
Create critical path for “any activity” In Primavera when we use the default “Critical” filter, it will show the critical path for the whole project (for the last activity). How about if we want to show critical path for an activity which is som..
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Can not filter on Start or Finish date

Jun 21
Can not filter on Start or Finish date You have a very simple project. You want to show only activity which finish on 25-Jan-16. As usual, you create an filter like this: Then… SURPRISE. It’s a blank screen. A big “WHY” quest..
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