Contractor's Document Checklist

Friday, 29 January 2010
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Bid Documentation/Bid Estimates






Meeting Minutes/Meeting Agendas




Notes of Key Management Personnel


Daily Reports


Other Daily Records, including Weather




Scheduling Data


Progress Reports


Progress Forecasts and Histograms


Other Progress Data, including Photos, Video, etc.


Productivity Data


Notices of Delay/Disruption/ Acceleration


Back-Up Records for Specific Delay/Disruption Events


“Planned vs. Actual” Records


Change Requests & Back-Up


Change Orders & Back-Up


Written Instructions (other than Change Orders) & Back-Up


Records of Verbal Instructions & Back-Up


Manpower/Workforce Reports


Records of Overtime


Information/Log(s) regarding Delivery of Materials, Equipment, Supplies, etc.


As-Built Drawings


Log(s) of Issued Drawings


Information/Log(s) regarding Delivery of Design/Engineering Changes


Information/Log(s) regarding  Requests for Design Clarifications


Information/Log(s) regarding Delivery of Design Clarifications


Accounting Data


Records of Costs Attributable to Changes and Delay/Disruption/ Acceleration Events

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