What is Project Plan

Aug 09
In order for any project plan to have a successful outcome, a foundational order of events must take place. Before any action can take place there must be the coming together of minds to brainstorm and produce a working project plan that will entail from start to finish how it will be done and in wh..
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A process plant drains systems

Nov 13
The collection of process fluids to empty equipment prior to their maintenance, of rain water, fire and wash water in a Process Plant entails the provision of drainage systems. This subject is not often given proper attention and is engineered last. It however entails several undeground netw..
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Schedule up-dating

Nov 13
Contracts specify how a contractor’s entitlement to an extension of the project completion date due an event attributable to Company shall be determined: The completion date is extended by the impact of the event, as demonstrated by the schedule logic, on the completion date. There will th..
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The Engineering Workflow in a nutshell - Exercise

Nov 13
This is the synoptic showing the sequence of Engineering tasks... with some blanks for you to fill ! Make yourself a print at: Herebelow is the link to the solution... don't look at it befor..
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Understanding the Project Controls Model

Aug 01
Understating the subject of Project Controls model – Definition- The traditional view of Project Controls as seen widely has been cost & schedule during the project execution phase. Although this view is persuasive in industry, I believe an effective Project Controls process can ..
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Capital Cost Optimization On Gas Fired Power Projects Through Standardization

Jan 26
A: Introduction The cost of power supplied to the end consumer comprises of components like cost of setting up the plant, operational cost, cost of transmission and cost of distribution. If the cost of power supplied to a consumer were to be reduced, the cost associated with each component would..
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Best Practices for Schedule development

Jan 26
Schedule should reflect the workflow. There shouldn’t be conflicts between concurrent activities. Realistic resource loading should be done to support the planned construction operation. Make sure that subcontractors and suppliers meet the planned construction schedule. ..
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Project Controls Audit Checklist

Jan 26
Base Project Estimate Project Execution Plan Project master Schedule (L2/L3/L4) : Baseline & Current Change/Variation log/Register Risk Register Project Reports : Monthly Project Reports, 4 week look ahead reports/schedules, Cost (Management) Reports, etc. Cas..
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Project Controls Documents from Estimating : Handover Checklist

Jan 26
Detailed breakdown of all quantities, rates and cost with relevant backup i.e., vendor or subcontractor bids where applicable Scope definition (i.e., ITB as amended by the bid plus agreed amendments/exceptions) Narrative describing the basis of Estimate Manhours Q&D reports inc..
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Tank fabrication steps & Activities

Jan 26
Tank fabrication steps are mainly, Shop Activities Plate layout and marking Cutting, edge preperation Rolling/bending Inspection, NDT (incase of longitudinal welds) Fabrication of Nozzles/manways/ladder/stairs/platform etc; Blasting and Priming Site ..
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