Difference between planner & Scheduler

Aug 12
Yes there is a difference – a BIG difference – and yet, it could be argued that they are one in the same, however I won’t argue that point here because I want to stress the differences first, and then the similarities between the two disciplines. But first you need to understand th..
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The critical path of an Oil & Gas Project

Jul 29
In order to better understand the challenges faced by Engineering to match the construction schedule, it is worth knowing that the critical path of an oil & gas facilities project is that of its pipework. Piping is indeed by far the most time consuming activity at the job Site. This is due to la..
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Cost Forecast Checklist

Jan 29
Engineering ·            Review Engineering Personnel Schedule ·            Review Actual MH, Productivity, Wage Rates, % Complete, 3rd Party ..
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Contractor's Document Checklist

Jan 29
Bid Documentation/Bid Estimates   Contracts/Subcontracts   Correspondence   Meeting Minutes/Meeting Agendas   Di..
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