Earned Value Management Effectiveness

Apr 26
Proper execution of projects is often hampered by inadequate planning during the initiation phase, which evolves into plans which cannot be managed effectively during execution.  However, even when the planning process is successful, and what is assumed to be a well derived plan is established,..
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Improving the Estimation Process

Aug 31
Estimating is defined as an informed assessment of an uncertain event. For project managers, accurate estimates are the foundation for effective project planning and execution. There are many processes that have been developed to assist in the estimation process. Without proper estimating of project..
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The Project Management Certification Movement

Aug 17
The Project Management certifications, such as PMP, CCC, RMP, SP, CCE, EVP, and many others have become widely accepted certifications in the past several years. Employers are now seeking candidates with these credentials as proven knowledge of PM methodologies and accepting them as unbiased endorse..
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MUST READ! ROI on Project Management Study

Aug 08
For years the question has been, “How do organizations justify implementing or utilizing PM / PC?” To put this question to the test, Integrated Consulting conducted a year-long study analyzing over fifty (50) projects.  In addition, interviews were completed with over 100 Project Ma..
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