Graphing a P6 Resource S-Curve in Excel

Jun 21
Tutorial Files Excel Spreadsheet (Excel 2007+): P6_Scurve_Example.xlsx – 1.5Mb Step 1 – Export Primavera P6 Resource Assignments to Excel Following the steps from our previous tutorial, you now have all the resources and assignments in an Excel sheet. You can m..
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Critical path: Total Float vs Longest Path

Jun 21
Oracle Primavera P6 offers two ways to define a critical activity in a project schedule. These are: Total Float less than or equal to [0.0h] Longest Path Which one you use depends on three things. 1. the setting you choose in the Project view’s Settings tab: 2. the setting ..
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Critical path by Total Float is wrong in multiple calendar project

Jun 21
In Primavera we can define Critial activities by 2 option: There are many reasons why we should choose Longest Path instead of Total Float. One of the reason is that when our project has multiple calendar. We have 4 activities which have same calendar : Standard 5 day workweek. We use T..
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Make report to Show only some WBS in Gantt chart

Jun 21
Sometime you need to make a report which focus on some WBS only. Like in this picture: However, the Gantt chart show all other bar and make you distracted. How about we can make it like this: Well, much more cleaner. All unnecessary bars is hidden. I will show you how. ..
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Create activity list report include predecessors and successors

Jun 21
Sometimes you need to make an activity table report which also show predecessors and successors of each activity. Here are the step how to do it. Go to Report window and click “+” button to create a new report. At “Select Subject Area” dialog, Select Activiti..
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Print report show predecessors in Gantt chart

Jun 21
To show Predecessors of an activity we can use Relationship tab: However it’s quite difficult to identify what are those activity. How about we can show them in Gantt chart. That will be more easy to understand. First you choose View -> Collapse All. Go to the activity ..
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Jun 21
The Resource curve obviously affect Remaining Early Unit. How about Remaining Late Unit. The answer is YES. We have a resource assignment window showing Remaining Early and Remaining Late unit. When we apply resource curve. It affect both Early and Late unit...
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Show relationship between group of activities

Jun 21
Sometimes we want to simplify our Gant chart report. In stead of a report like this with so many relationships connecting between all activities: We can make it more simple by showing only summary level and relationship between them: It’s very useful for Manager level whe..
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Turn off Auto Compute Actuals for 1 activity

Jun 21
By default our project check this option like below image so that when you update Duration % complete, P6 will update Actual units for you. When you don’t want this happen, you can turn it off. However it will apply to the whole project. How about you want to turn it off for only ..
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When do we use "Store Period Performance" function?

Jun 21
In my project, I receive updated data from construction team every month. However, they never update data correctly in that period. For example, this month is December, most of activity they update start and finish within December but there are always some activities which is updated in November..
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