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Jun 21
The Resource curve obviously affect Remaining Early Unit. How about Remaining Late Unit. The answer is YES. We have a resource assignment window showing Remaining Early and Remaining Late unit. When we apply resource curve. It affect both Early and Late unit...
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Show relationship between group of activities

Jun 21
Sometimes we want to simplify our Gant chart report. In stead of a report like this with so many relationships connecting between all activities: We can make it more simple by showing only summary level and relationship between them: It’s very useful for Manager level whe..
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Turn off Auto Compute Actuals for 1 activity

Jun 21
By default our project check this option like below image so that when you update Duration % complete, P6 will update Actual units for you. When you don’t want this happen, you can turn it off. However it will apply to the whole project. How about you want to turn it off for only ..
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When do we use "Store Period Performance" function?

Jun 21
In my project, I receive updated data from construction team every month. However, they never update data correctly in that period. For example, this month is December, most of activity they update start and finish within December but there are always some activities which is updated in November..
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Primavera become slow – Limitations of SQL Server Express Edition

Jun 21
A lot of people are using Primavera with SQL Express database. And after using Primavera for a long time, we may realize the software become slow. Our database is become bigger and bigger. And the slow performance is may be because of the limitations of SQL Server Express Edition, not because of..
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How to modify Activity ID Suffix in Primavera P6

Jun 20
In Primavera we can use ‘Renumbering Activity ID” function to modify Activity ID Prefix. How about we want to modify Suffix. I will show you how. We have a simple project with default activity ID like this First we go to Tool -> Global Change Click on New but..
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How does Retained Logic, Progress Override and Actual Dates in Scheduling Options work?

Jun 20
In P6 there are three options in the Scheduling Options dialog: Retained Logic Progress Override Actual Dates These three options control how P6 calculates “Out of Sequence Progress”. We have a simple project with 3 activities: The activity log..
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What does The Carat (^) Symbol next to the Resource Price/Unit in Primavera P6 mean?

Jun 20
When we assign resource to activity, sometime we can see a carat (^) symbol appear in Price/Unit column. The carat (^) is displayed when the resource does not have a price/unit assigned. If resource does not have price/unit, Primavera will use the Project level price/unit which is ..
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How to Download Primavera P6 Professional

Jun 20
Go to the following website: Select “Sign In”. Enter your username and password In Search by box, type “primavera professional”. An suggestion dialog appear, select “Primavera P6 Professional Project Management 16.1” ..
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How to install Primavera P6 Professional 16.1 Stand-alone

Jun 20
After downloading the installation file from Oracle, unzip it. Click on Setup Select “Typical” and click OK Click Install After installation complete, click OK. In Driver type drop-down list, select “P6 Pro Stand-alone (SQLite)”, t..
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