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Where does BASIC Engineering stops?

Dec 05
Do you know where FEED stops? Take the test! Follow the link below to print the test form: Done? Have a look at the solution: ..
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Schedule up-dating

Jun 16
Contracts specify how a contractor’s entitlement to an extension of the project completion date due an event attributable to Company shall be determined: The completion date is extended by the impact of the event, as demonstrated by the schedule logic, on the completion date. There will ..
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Is your Project scope under control?

Nov 13
Changes to the Contract technical baseline must be avoided as much as possible, for two reasons: - first of all, changing the technical requirements might change the cost from what it was estimated at bid stage, in other words the budget for the corresponding item might be exceeded, - secondly, ..
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Is your Project schedule under control?

Nov 13
Let’s first have a look at how a Project schedule is established and the progress measurement is made. First of all, the scheduler establishes the baseline schedule. The first step of a Project is to list the activities that must be performed to achieve its end result. Each activity wi..
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May 19
The verbiage within a typical construction contract specifies the scope of work and the rights and obligations of the stakeholders. The contract documents provide “expressed” provisions within the contracts explicit verbiage, plans and specifications to which the parties agree. However, ..
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May 16
Since becoming involved in performing forensic schedule and cost analysis and providing expert witness testimony in the various forms of international dispute resolution the industry and its tools have evolved. Case law and the continuing development of standards of practice have had significant..
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May 16
The current usage of names to describe analytic methodology lacks clear definition and discipline. The use and definition of Time Impact Analysis (TIA) has a staggering array of variations with no uniform definition. Add to this dilemma the changes which evolve within these national and regional gro..
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Earned Value Management Effectiveness

Apr 26
Proper execution of projects is often hampered by inadequate planning during the initiation phase, which evolves into plans which cannot be managed effectively during execution.  However, even when the planning process is successful, and what is assumed to be a well derived plan is established,..
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Improving the Estimation Process

Aug 31
Estimating is defined as an informed assessment of an uncertain event. For project managers, accurate estimates are the foundation for effective project planning and execution. There are many processes that have been developed to assist in the estimation process. Without proper estimating of project..
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The Project Management Certification Movement

Aug 17
The Project Management certifications, such as PMP, CCC, RMP, SP, CCE, EVP, and many others have become widely accepted certifications in the past several years. Employers are now seeking candidates with these credentials as proven knowledge of PM methodologies and accepting them as unbiased endorse..
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