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Use the Universal Productivity Kit to learn Primavera Software

Nov 27
Learn Primavera Software using the UPK What You Need To Know Primavera software P6 R8 has built in features that assist with the use of Primavera P6? The tool is called the Universal Productivity Kit (UPK) and we are going to show you an example of how you could  utilize it to make a work b..
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Planning A Project For Beginners Using Primavera

Nov 27
Planning A Project For Beginners Using Primavera Primavera can prove worthwhile for various reasons, but it is my opinion it is better recognized for its ability to assist with your project from start to finish. Every project has a start date, if you are just beginning consider the answers to ..
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Why Assign Project Codes?

Nov 27
Primavera P6 Project Management When planning more than one project for any project-driven organization, having an international or project-level outlook of health may not tell the entire story. Think about your project portfolio one that can be built more than one way leading to different interpr..
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How to Manage your risk with Primavera Risk Analysis

Nov 27
How to Manage your risk with Primavera Risk Analysis We deal with risk different ways. Some ingore it, but ignoring risk does not make it disappear. It is better to recognize risk and take the appropriate steps to address risk early.  Primavera Risk Analysis allows you to do just that and the..
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Primavera Contract Manager

Nov 27
Before starting an upcoming project in the construction industry considerable thought goes into planning and preparation. What are some of the thoughts that cross your mind more frequently than others? Delays? Cost? Overall project control? We would like to share or remind you of Primavera Cont..
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Primavera P6 Training: How to Use Weighted Steps in P6

Nov 27
Access the original source article here: Primavera P6 Training In today's tutorial, we will cover one of our older Primavera training videos that outlines how to utilize weighted steps to c..
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An overview of Trace Logic in Primavera P6

Nov 27
In the blog post created by MSS Projecst Analytics about Trace logic  you learn why you should use Trace Logic and how to use this feature while working in Primavera. You can access the full article by visiting the main blog here:
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Primavera P6 Release 8.2 and the Index Performance Portlet

Apr 27
This post excert is taken from the full article located here: Primavera P6 R8.2 Dashboard Portlets The Index Performance Portlet Overview This post is going to ou..
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The Schedule Quality Index™

Jan 25
With the recent launch of the Fuse Schedule Index Calculator, we often get asked, what is the Schedule Quality Index™ and how is it calculated?  First and foremost the Schedule Quality Index is a means of assessing how well planned a schedule.  It is a single score that is calc..
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Risk Assessment Checklist

Jan 25
With the recent launch of Acumen Risk™ facilitating a team-oriented risk assessment workshop is easier than ever.  However, it is still important to remember ten key factors to ensuring that the results of the workshop are both accurate and reliable. Ten Factors for Ensuring ..
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