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Tuesday, 27 November 2012
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Before starting an upcoming project in the construction industry considerable thought goes into planning and preparation. What are some of the thoughts that cross your mind more frequently than others? Delays? Cost? Overall project control? We would like to share or remind you of Primavera Contract Manager.

There are many people in construction who regulate the various skills, ranging from contract managers, project managers and division managers to subcontractors, architects, suppliers and buyers — every one of these folks try to work in unity on a large amount of situations and changes while simultaneously managing a large number of documents and contracts.

Manipulating your construction projects’ schedules, budgets and deliverables is very important to the overall progress of your projects and the future of your company. However this can be difficult with slow answers, missed deadlines and late deliveries. Each and every unplanned change or obstacle in the timeline can cause additional costs, risks and claims exposure.

Primavera Contract Manager is a the perfect solution that joins these processes, joins together the whole project team while providing your organization with reassurance throughout the duration of the project.

Primavera Contract Manager is a document management, job cost and project controls solution that improves construction project management efficiency and speed, while decreasing schedule set backs and gambles. Constructed on a collaborative platform, Contract Manager alerts team members and collaborators to answered questions, possible challenges and changes. It gives immediate and simple access to the newest project information, including the most recent drawings, approved submittals and daily occurences.

By using Primavera Contract Manager, you will reduce project set backs, maintain low client costs and speed up completion time with better communication and collaboration throughout your team.

Primavera Contract Manager

Managing Accountability

The improved collaboration features allow more timely responses to crucial and potentially schedule- delaying field concerns. Primavera Contract Manager’s unrigid workflow and approval process enable you to gage who is accountable for main elements of the project, while eliminating surprises during the project.

Comprehensive Change Management

It is also a comprehensive change management system that assures changes are resolved, payments are processed and claims are low. You can also monitor the cost or schedule impact of any change on the project and point out which contractors will be affected and if additional equipment or materials are needed. With Primavera, you are equipped for the unexpected and have the power to negotiate details for final resolution.

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