Why Assign Project Codes?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012
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When planning more than one project for any project-driven organization, having an international or project-level outlook of health may not tell the entire story. Think about your project portfolio one that can be built more than one way leading to different interpretations based on which way  you approach the assembly process.

Assigning Project Codes will provide a more formatted silo of data for assessment, grouping like goals in projects so comparisons can be drawn effectively. Information prepared in advance can be filtered out and revised so a better picture can be seen of how your projects will the same elements are performing as a group.

  1. Project Codes offer a way structure information that will allow managers to identify problem areas inside a region, work area, business division, etc.
  2. Project Codes are given to projects at the discretion of the project's managers, making projects more organized and grouped in an unlimited amount of configurations.
  3. Once Project Codes are issued, projects are then filtered and sorted by their codes based on the criteria that are of interest.
  4. Managers are then able to drill down within the project grouping to determine areas of concern (i.e. a specific company industry has severely reduced float in their delivery times).
  5. Managers have the opportunity to proactively identify the root cause of the problems and make needed modifications.
  6. Potentially lost profits and damage to customer relationships can be avoided.

Assigning Project Codes to your projects is an easy process that can become an integral tool for managers.

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