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The Project Management Certification Movement

Aug 17
The Project Management certifications, such as PMP, CCC, RMP, SP, CCE, EVP, and many others have become widely accepted certifications in the past several years. Employers are now seeking candidates with these credentials as proven knowledge of PM methodologies and accepting them as unbiased endorse..
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MUST READ! ROI on Project Management Study

Aug 08
For years the question has been, “How do organizations justify implementing or utilizing PM / PC?” To put this question to the test, Integrated Consulting conducted a year-long study analyzing over fifty (50) projects.  In addition, interviews were completed with over 100 Project Ma..
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What is a Project Plan?

Nov 16
In order for any project paln to have a successful outcome, a foundational order of events must take place. Before any action can take place there must be the coming together of minds to brainstorm and produce a working project plan that will entail from start to finish how it will be done and in wh..
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How To Import WBS From Excel To Primavera P6 Using The SDK

Jan 06
Step 1 – Copy the WBS from to Excel For simplification, every step of the tutorial has its own Excel worksheet in the spreadsheet (see WBS-Import-P6-Tutorial.xls in Tutorials Assets). I’ve numbered each worksheet appropriately. For this tutorial, we’re using a sample WBS fr..
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Using Primavera’s .Xer File Parser – Import WBS From Excel Without The SDK

May 17
Created by The tutorial is originated from In this tutorial we explain how to import a WBS dictionary in Primavera P6 without the SDK. NOTE: The steps needed to t..
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How to Convert a Project’s WBS to Activity Codes in Oracle Primavera P6

May 17
Created by The tutorial is originated from Download Tutorial Assets Download the files to complete this tutorial on your own. Project Plan (.xer) : Ap..
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Use A Level Of Effort To Add Work Stoppage Info To A Project and Still Track To Your Primavera Baseline

May 17
Created by The tutorial is originated from Typically when we develop a schedule we assume that an activity can be finished uninte..
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How To Find Relationship Lag in Primavera P6

May 15
Created by The tutorial is originated from Program: Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Version: any Difficulty: Intermediate Time to Complete: 15 minutes It&rsq..
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Quick Tip: How To Shade Non-Work Time on the Gantt Chart in Oracle Primavera

May 15
Created by The tutorial is originated from It turns out that people like pictures. Yes, that’s right, we love pictures….and we love the Gantt ..
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How to Build Lookahead Filters in Oracle Primavera Using Date Variables

May 15
Created by The tutorial is originated from Lookahead reports are one of the centerpieces of consistent project reporting and controlling. Lookahead r..
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