How to use Trace Logic in Primavera P6

Saturday, 26 January 2013
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Trace Logic is a great tool available in Primavera P6 that allows you to step or “trace” forward or backward through a series of activities in order to view or focus on predecessor/successor relationships. Trace Logic can be displayed as a Bottom Layout in the Activities window. The Trace Logic tool displays relationships for an activity that you select in the Activity Table, Activity Network, Activity Usage Spreadsheet, or the Gantt Chart displayed in the Top Layout. The selected activity will be displayed as a box with a blue border that enables you to quickly focus on its predecessor/successor relationships. Critical activities will be displayed with a red border around the activity box. Lines connecting the activity boxes denote activity relationships.

What Are The Benefits of Using Trace Logic feature in Primavera P6?

Project Manangers and Schedulers can use Trace Logic to review an activity’s predecessors and successors. Trace Logic makes it easy to examine why an activity is scheduled to occur at a particular time helping you to determine if an activity’s predecessors were delayed or if existing constraints are still applicable. You can quickly evaluate if relationship types portray the sequence in which the activities should occur. For example, you may notice that a Site Prep activity can have a “start to start” relationship with its Excavation successor versus “finish to start”.

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