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Capital Cost Optimization On Gas Fired Power Projects Through Standardization

Jan 26
A: Introduction The cost of power supplied to the end consumer comprises of components like cost of setting up the plant, operational cost, cost of transmission and cost of distribution. If the cost of power supplied to a consumer were to be reduced, the cost associated with each component would..
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Best Practices for Schedule development

Jan 26
Schedule should reflect the workflow. There shouldn’t be conflicts between concurrent activities. Realistic resource loading should be done to support the planned construction operation. Make sure that subcontractors and suppliers meet the planned construction schedule. ..
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Project Controls Audit Checklist

Jan 26
Base Project Estimate Project Execution Plan Project master Schedule (L2/L3/L4) : Baseline & Current Change/Variation log/Register Risk Register Project Reports : Monthly Project Reports, 4 week look ahead reports/schedules, Cost (Management) Reports, etc. Cas..
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Project Controls Documents from Estimating : Handover Checklist

Jan 26
Detailed breakdown of all quantities, rates and cost with relevant backup i.e., vendor or subcontractor bids where applicable Scope definition (i.e., ITB as amended by the bid plus agreed amendments/exceptions) Narrative describing the basis of Estimate Manhours Q&D reports inc..
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Tank fabrication steps & Activities

Jan 26
Tank fabrication steps are mainly, Shop Activities Plate layout and marking Cutting, edge preperation Rolling/bending Inspection, NDT (incase of longitudinal welds) Fabrication of Nozzles/manways/ladder/stairs/platform etc; Blasting and Priming Site ..
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Application of Critical Chain on High Valuse Petrochem projects

Jan 27
1. INTRODUCTION Contracts are in various forms, usually Lump Sum Turn Key, but can also be reimbursable for and on behalf of the client and various hybrids between the two. The Critical Chain (CC) approach has been successfully applied various projects with a high degree of success. Here we disc..
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Difference between planner & Scheduler

Aug 12
Yes there is a difference – a BIG difference – and yet, it could be argued that they are one in the same, however I won’t argue that point here because I want to stress the differences first, and then the similarities between the two disciplines. But first you need to understand th..
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The critical path of an Oil & Gas Project

Jul 29
In order to better understand the challenges faced by Engineering to match the construction schedule, it is worth knowing that the critical path of an oil & gas facilities project is that of its pipework. Piping is indeed by far the most time consuming activity at the job Site. This is due to la..
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Cost Forecast Checklist

Jan 29
Engineering ·            Review Engineering Personnel Schedule ·            Review Actual MH, Productivity, Wage Rates, % Complete, 3rd Party ..
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Contractor's Document Checklist

Jan 29
Bid Documentation/Bid Estimates   Contracts/Subcontracts   Correspondence   Meeting Minutes/Meeting Agendas   Di..
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