CCS Candy

CCS Candy


Construction Project Modeling & Project Control

Candy is a single-package, project control system designed by construction professionals specifically for the construction industry. The use of Candy in more than 40 countries attests to the fact that this is a powerful but practical product that brings real value to its users.

The Estimating, Valuations, Planning, Cash Flow and Forecasting components produce an integrated model of a project’s anticipated construction process and financial performance. Candy allows the estimator to work from basic resources so as to not only get to an answer in the estimating process, but to provide a solid information model for all later phases of the project.

Candy provides a variety of inter-related modules such as Material Costing, Drawing Register, Sub-contract database, Allowable Cost Reconciliation, Information Schedules and Time-Location charts to provide a wide range of analytic tools.

Ease of Use

Foremost in the design of Candy is the similarity of operation to manual methods. For example, free format worksheets allow the estimator to build up ideas that can be shared and understood by all in the estimating process. All the relevant data produced is immediately available for use on site to control the project using the post-tender facilities.A resource library allows the capture and retention of pricing and production rates for future work.

Advanced Features

Candy is therefore much more than an Estimating and Planning package.

A unique Candy facility, and one of its most powerful features, is the dynamic link between money and time – the interactive link between the bill of quantities or estimate, and the program or schedule of work. This interactive link, between these two most prominent factors of a construction project, provides a wealth of information at the finger-tips of both management and client.

Because Candy allows the estimator to work from basic resources in building up the cost model for the project, this information can be fed to the procurement system to integrate purchasing with the assumptions made in the estimate.Later, during valuations, this information is provided to the accounting system to compare actual costs to anticipated costs for the production of Earned Value reports.

Candy has spread by the recommendations of satisfied customers throughout the world, and is used by large multinational consortiums and small contractors alike.