Deltek Open Plan

Deltek Open Plan

Enterprise Project Management Software

Deltek Open Plan is an enterprise-class project management software solution that offers the power and flexibility to complete medium to large or multiple projects on time and on budget. With multi-project analysis, critical path planning and resource management, Deltek Open Plan offers the power and flexibility to serve the differing needs of business, resource and project managers. With Deltek Open Plan, you can improve project success, allocate resources across projects more effectively and share project information across the enterprise.

With Deltek Open Plan, you can:

  • Support Enterprise-Level Program Management : Open Plan helps balance limited resources across multiple projects by allowing business managers the ability to review work across the corporate portfolio. It also shows the impact of an individual project's performance on the rest of the program so project priorities can be established.
  • Manage Resources : Allows projects to be prioritized, ensuring that resource allocation always reflects an organization's overall business objectives. For maximum efficiency, resource managers can create and share resource breakdown structures across the enterprise
  • Improve Project Planning : Deltek Open Plan facilitates fast and realistic planning through rapid data entry and analysis, and powerful reporting on project status and progress.

Technical Overview -


Leverage Your Existing Systems and Processes

Open Plan's open architecture facilitates integration with other corporate systems making it easier to share information across the enterprise. Data can also be shared with desktop planning tools such as Microsoft Project, providing an enterprise wide roll-up and reporting view. Customizable WebWindows allow Open Plan''s reporting capabilities to be extended to integrate data from other systems such as Deltek Costpoint, Oracle Projects, or SAP.

Database support

  • Microsoft Access® 2000+
  • Microsoft SQL Server® 2000/2005
  • Oracle® 8i/9i/10g

Platform support

  • Windows® 2000 (128 MB RAM recommended)
  • Windows XP (256 MB RAM recommended)
  • Windows Terminal Services / Citrix®


  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Unlimited projects per program
  • Unlimited activities per project
  • Unlimited calendars per program/project
  • Unlimited resources per program/project
  • Maximum of 90 code structures per program/project

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