HMS TimeControl

HMS TimeControl

TimeControlWhen considering enterprise timesheet software, it's best to think of what business challenge implementing a timesheet system such as TimeControl can solve for you. TimeControl has been designed with many purposes in mind.


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Our experience since 1984 has been that many organizations end up implementing more than one type of timesheet. There's one timesheet for time and attendance which is typically used by the Payroll department. Another timesheet may be implemented to track time off and flex time, usually managed by the Human Resources department. Yet another timesheet is used for billing and another may be implemented as part of the project management system for project tracking.

TimeControl was designed to fulfill several of these timesheet roles simultaneously. At its core, TimeControl tracks time on a task-by-task project-by-project basis. Yet it is, fundamentally a financial timesheet system with all the controls necessary to fulfill the needs of payroll, human resources and finance. Our intention is that TimeControl eliminate the need for implementing multiple timesheets in the same organization. TimeControl's flexibility and its Matrix Approval Process for Labor Actuals makes it the right choice for many different needs.

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