What is HQ Control?

HQ Control is a web-based Project Information Retrieval System (PIRS) designed to assist clients in the organisation of correspondence, contractual documentation and the like, permitting arrangement of everyday data and retrieval.

It is suited for document storage and analysis applications on live projects, and the collation and analysis of information for the purposes of assisting in the development and/or defence of claims and for dispute resolution proceedings generally.

It does this by having the unique feature of being able to create master folders by merging selected document folders in the system within seconds. Documents are sorted in chronological in the Master Folder, making them Arbitration/Litigation compliant. Those who have been involved in arbitration/litigation (especially lawyers) know how valuable it is for them to access the contract correspondence chronologically in a single Master Folder. 

While developed with primary regard to the business areas of commercial management and dispute resolution, the structure and flexibility of HQ Control make it suitable for application in any business sector. 

Benefits of HQ Control


The benefits of HQ Control include:

  •  Efficient document storage, management and control
  •  Simultaneous system access by multiple users in different locations
  •  Time and cost savings in document retrieval, printing and distribution
  •  No requirement for investment in dedicated hardware or software
  •  Elimination of risk of document loss
  •  Reduced document storage requirements
  •  Online Global Access

Key Features

Particular features of HQ Control include:

  • Simple data entry process - by way of an intuitively developed and presented input form
  • Entered data can be amended or supplemented (for example, by the addition of document and pictorial images or data files)
  • Straightforward multiple filtering of records
  • Application flexibility and arrangement to suit end-user requirements

HQ Control supports a variety of file formats including PDF, PPT, DOC, images and many more. Any file format can be uploaded and stored on the HQ Control system. However, once the file has been downloaded, users have to ensure they have the proper software installed to view these files on their own computers.

Special Key Feature

HQ Control’s key strength is its unique ability to prepare the documents to be Arbitration/Litigation compliant.

It has the capability of integrating the contents of the various folders created into a Master Folder or folders so that all correspondence, e-mails, hand written instructions and notes are all filed chronologically. 

Those who have been involved in arbitration/litigation (especially lawyers) know how valuable it is for them to access the contract correspondence chronologically in a single Master Folder. It helps them to speedily and quickly “get to grip” with the Project and understand the history of the events as they unfold, in particular the action and reaction of the parties.

Not to mention the easier and faster preparation for the submission of documents required under the "discovery" stage of the arbitration/litigation during case management.

System Requirements

A computer with Internet connection and a web browser is all that is needed to operate HQ Control. Whilst a dial-up connection is adequate, faster connections such as broadband or cable are recommended for documents to be uploaded or viewed online.

A suitable scanner will also be required for the uploading of documents and images.

HQ Control Management

HQ Control carries out regular system maintenance and back-up functions, but clients are encouraged to carry out control system operation to suit their particular requirements.

We recommend that clients appoint a senior member of staff as Super Administrator, with responsibility for overseeing the operation of the system in accordance with their particular requirements and for allocation of usernames, passwords and project roles to relevant staff.

As an added safeguard, certain system actions, such as deletion of records, can be carried out only by Project Administrators assigned by the Super Administrator. 

How it works?

Below is a guide describing what will happen once you've signed up with us: 

Step 1

Once we've set up the system for your company, an e-mail will be sent to the Super Administrator with login details and a step-by-step guide on how to use our system.

Step 2

Super Administrator uses HQ Control system to create projects and user accounts. User accounts can be created for anyone including employees, lawyers and contract risk consultants. The Super Administrator will also be in charge of managing the roles and access rights of users for different projects. 

Step 3

Users added receive their login details. They log into the system and can perform certain actions based on their roles and access rights.

HQ Control has 3 different user roles:

i) Super Administrator - In addition to what an Administrator and Member can do, they will have the ability to manage projects and user accounts including the adding, removing and editing the settings of projects and user roles

ii) Administrator - ability to create folders, view, upload, edit and delete project files and folders

iii) Member - ability to view project files and folders

Recommended Workflow for HQ Control

With HQ Control's flexible file system, it is easy for various different parties both within and outside the company to keep track of and access system files based on their needs. They will be able to sort documents based on various parameters including document date, subject and corresponding parties. 

The Master Folder feature enables users to easily create an archive of documents listed in a chronological manner which is very valuable for those involved in arbitration/litigation (including lawyers). 


Early Warning System

International Japanese Construction companies have a work system where all contract correspondences and documents are faxed/e-mailed to their headquarters in Japan to be screened through by the contract manager before further action by the respective departments. Western companies go one step further by appointing a contract/commercial manager for every contract above USD50 million. 

Daily Monitoring

The purpose of the above process is to enable the contract/commercial manager to perform daily monitoring of contracts, putting in place an early warning system and address any potential fall out immediately by writing the appropriate letters or notices. HQ Control facilitates this process by making it easy for contract managers to access international contracts anytime, anywhere online. This reduces operation costs considerably as less manpower and less traveling is required.

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