London 2018 Summit: Major project delivery and digital transformation

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The Global Infrastructure Initiative was established in 2012 for two primary reasons: to create a forum for global leaders across the value chain to exchange ideas as well as to identify ways to improve infrastructure delivery and get more out of existing assets. Since its inception, it has evolved from one summit every 18 months into a global community that comes together at roundtables and site visits throughout the year and shares its perspectives in our Voices on Infrastructure publication. Over the past six years, the infrastructure industry itself has experienced significant change. From 2012 to 2018, the number of major projects that broke ground grew by 77 percent, and the average project value increased by nearly 19 percent. When we convened our first summit in Turkey in 2012, one session was dedicated to digitization. At the 2018 summit in London, it was a primary theme, and talk of disruption and technology permeated nearly every discussion. Most summit participants (85 percent) responding to our most recent pre-summit survey have developed a digital transformation strategy.

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