mpower project cost management software?

Fully scaleable, modular project management software for better project and performance management.

mpower is a project cost and performance management system designed and developed for use in engineering, construction, maintenance and operations environments. Fully scaleable and modular, it can work seamlessly alongside other project management software products like Primavera for easy, painless implementation. In fact with our fully-hosted service, you can be up and running on mpower in one day.

mpower's straight forward integration with leading ERP systems like SAP and Oracle E-business Suite gives you the power, control the reporting of time management or equipment and materials information across your business.


Project Cost Control

mpower is a project cost control and performance management system for engineering, construction, maintenance and operations environments.

mpower's powerful cost control software and management features allow it work seamlessly alongside other project management software products like Primavera.

mpower has built in dashboard summary showing project cost information comparisons against the budget of the project. You can also compare original projected manhours against final forcast and actual project cost.


Cost Performance Dashboards

mpower provides a powerful KPI dashboard capability for Capital Projects, Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages.

mpower’s integrated cost performance management dashboards provide cost information in a single, comprehensive view at the end of each reporting period.

The dashboards can be easily and quickly deployed to support efficient consolidation and management of the entire scope of work, including cost estimates and budgets. They can be used to link financial, scheduling, work package and field cost data with existing project control systems available through single or multiple dashboards. mpower dashboards can be rapidly integrated with and support existing corporate systems for financial management, procurement, planning, scheduling and estimating. The drill-down capability of mpower cost performance dashboards can be used to quickly identify problem areas within a project at any level of the project, work, cost or organisational breakdown structures.


Labor, Equipment and Materials

Typically, Labor, Equipment and Materials data uploaded into an ERP system is summarized to such an extent that it is of little value for ongoing operations and project control purposes. Many hours can be spent analyzing the data in the ERP and Excel in order to determine actual man-hours and costs against Work Orders and Network Activities for each craft. mpower offers the ability to significantly reduce the time taken to collect this information and provides data at a level of detail that is much more meaningful to operations and project managers.


Using mpower you can:

  • collect, validate and approve all LEMs at a controlled level
  • fully integrate with SAP
  • enforce all of the SAP business rules: delegation of authority (DOA) approval limits and PO expiry dates
  • be fully integrated with the SAP Purchase Order and Outline Agreement sub-systems
  • deliver full job costing data to the LEM approvers
  • be embraced by sub-contractors by making the administration of LEMs easier and the overall management process more automated and efficient.


Time Management

mpower provides an effective and scalable time writing process allowing administrators to manage large numbers of timesheets. Timesheets can be entered individually, or the information can be entered by the supervisor or team leader or can be uploaded electronically from a number of data sources.

Team timesheets are easily managed through a daily timesheet process with teams identified in the system and employees assigned to them. mpower has fully integrated controls, time writing and HR functionality so these processes are simple and more effective to manage.

Integrate Time Management Data to other ERP systems or export date easliy.

mpower Time Management enables you to leverage value from your existing software investment by providing a platform for integration with:

  • SAP
  • Oracle E-business Suite
  • IBM Maximo
  • Microsoft Excel


mpower provides an end-to-end project and contract management solution.

Standardization - of your field cost control process for submission, approval and reporting.

Earned value analysis - with improved accuracy of actual cost every day during execution.

Contractor engagement - with simple methods for cost capture.

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