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Internal Newsletter : Issue 16 (May 2013)

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Newsletter Issue

Conference - June 11 & 12
Armourers Hall, Moorgate
Workshops - June 10 & 13
Ciarb, Holborn

EVA18 speakers chaired by Steve Wake

10.5 reasons to attend


  • The EVA conference recognises Earned Value as the best way to integrate cost and time and the best way to monitor status and inform management for decision making.
  • EVA is a conference organised by a project management practitioner for project management practitioners and stakeholders.
  • The material is delivered, wherever possible by practitioners who actually have the experience of doing the job.
  • It focuses on the technical when it is cutting edge.
  • It emphasises people skills.
  • It illustrates with examples from the biggest most complex projects on the planet.
  • It is mostly concerned with managing change and making it work. Bridging the knowing-doing gap.
  • It recognises the plurality of views about projects and welcomes input from unusual, unknown or unexpected directions.
  • It is great for networking.
  • It is not in thrall to its sponsors and yet remains on very good terms with them and welcomes their continued support.
  • It recognises that women do project management too. And very well!!
  • It remains fiercely independent and is attended by people who want to be there.
We look forward to meeting you, for more information and to book follow this link.

EVA18 sponsors and supporters


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