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Internal Newsletter : Issue 52 (December 2016)


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Project            Control Expo 2016

Dear Delegate,

Once again, thank you for attending Project Controls Expo 2016 and providing your valuable feedback to our survey. We have received over 200 responses and will soon be available on our website. We have received some amazing ideas and we sincerely thanks for the same. We have already taken them on board and you should hope to see them in action at our next version.

As promised, we performed a lucky draw to choose the winner of Apple iPad and are glad to announce that this year's winner is Robert Bryson @ Bamnuttal. Congratulations to Robert whom we will soon contact for further details.

Those who are not aware, the presentations are now available on PCO Info Pad. We are still working on videos and hence we recommend you to please bookmark this page and check again sometime during next few weeks. Please note some videos and/or presentations are either excluded or amended due to copyright and data protection issues.

Thanks again and we continue to look forward to your support.

Kind Regards

Project Controls Expo Team

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