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Event Announcement : EVA23 focuses on Anticipation

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Anticipation [#eVa23]


Anticipation - eVa23

This year EVA23 will focus strongly on those things that enable us to be Ready!
Things that prepare us for anything that lies ahead. More than ever a redefinition, a re-setting of what Project Management actually is for, what you use, how you do it and above all, how you communicate with it, is URGENTLY required.

The annual two day conference takes place at the superb Armourers' Hall in Moorgate, in the City of London in May 2018.

The event provides an interesting group of high level speakers covering a range of topics and industries.


Book Now The emergence and impact of practice that seeks a more reactive holistic approach is now unquestionable. Not just a fad, not an easy way out but a real call to attention. Conventional project management continues to deliver what was specified. Not what was needed. And so is seen to fail. To be inadequate. To not give us what we want.

It's time to say that the Iron Triangle of Project Management (cost, time, scope), like its namesake in any orchestra, is only a minor part of what is required. And we are in the business of Project Symphonies. Large co-ordinated works which make a big noise and delight audiences around the world. So much more than a triangle.

The symptoms are these: Agile; Portfolio; Benefits; Complex; Value; Evidence based research. They are all attempts to go beyond the Iron Triangle. And they each have their tribes. Their supporters and enemies.

And they all lend themselves to a strongly emerging area of management and social science called Anticipation.
If the Project community is to survive then it must enter this space too. Projects must gain a better understanding of how to use anticipatory practices
if they are to continue to be the chosen way we deliver value to organisations and society.

Anticipation is increasingly at the heart of urgent contemporary debates, from climate change to economic crisis. As societies are less confident that tradition will provide an effective guide to the future, anticipatory practices are coming to the foreground of political, organizational and personal life. The tribes need to be brought together. They all contribute in their own way to a larger perspective, a better understanding of what we need to do. The separations are becoming divisive and partisan. We cannot let that happen if we are to survive and thrive for ourselves and the greater public good.

EVA23 is probably the only event where difference is not an issue. Where which Body of Knowledge or Method will force you in or out.

Anticipated themes and topics this year:

  • The arrival of Agile Portfolio
  • What does value really mean
  • How should Government measure performance
  • Earned Benefit. A new line on the curve? The next step in evolution?
  • Earned Schedule is finally legal. It’s in the ISO!
  • The MOD reboot of EVM. Will we get it right this time?
  • How do we build Anticipation into the way we do things. Practically.
  • Chartered Status. Holy Grail or Poisoned Chalice.
  • How skills shortages and diversity issues could be solved for the benefit of all.
  • Why we need a Project Controls career path from 16-60.
  • Mental health, stress and building resilience as well as understanding.
  • Putting on a show. The hard work and planning in show business.
  • War and Peace with music.
  • Stonehenge!
  • PCOvPMO. Better as one? Is there a difference?
  • Too many BOKs? Would one be enough?

As ever, EVA23 will be different, entertaining and informative. Dinner will be served in the Hall by candlelight. Book now!

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Organised by Steve Wake

Producer Promoter Chair
tel: 0208 886 5594
mobile: 0788 764 4125
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