PREDICTION+ is an integrated Project Management Tool designed to manage all aspects of Project Controls. It consists of a series of application modules that can expand with your requirements. These applications communicate with each other through a centralised database that controls the flow and management of project data.

Encompassing everything a business needs to control and manage a successful project, PREDICTION+ is a proven project controls tool that has delivered various types of projects in size and cost from concept to commissioning and any phase in between.

PREDICTION+ provides the practical skills you need to succeed as a Project Manager. Earned value, project governance and implementation methodologies are just some of the attributes which contribute to its consistent success around the world.

PREDICTION+ integrated solutions have been developed specifically by project controls engineers for project controls solutions. Its dedicated professionals have extensive project controls and systems implementation expertise.

This provides a proven solution for us to configure PREDICTION+ to meet various project situations and can quickly be configured to meet your organisations needs and deliver increased value to both project teams and business managers alike.

In conjunction with our industry leading software we offer training, implementation and consulting services to guarantee project and implementation success.

With its flexibility, ease of use and system integration PREDICTION+ is becoming the product of choice for owner, engineering, procurement and construction companies alike.


Increased Project Visibility

Project Managers require instant access to critical “big picture” data in order to make accurate, effective decisions. PREDICTION+ delivers critical cross project data and illuminates your most important KPI’s for heightened insight and control over your processes.


Align Projects with the Full Potential of Your Workforce

PREDICTION+ will ensure all of your project activity is of high-value and aligned with your business goals.

With effective resource planning, your workforce will not bottleneck, produce inefficient down time or jumble skill set matching. PREDICTION+ will enable you to maximise the output from your workforce with the strategic planning, management and procurement of your resources. Productivity will skyrocket as projects are strategically managed on the skill sets and availability of your people.

Deliver Consistent and Measurable Project Success

Project Managers must overcome the daily obstacles that arise throughout the project management life cycle. With the innovative features of PREDICTION+, project leaders can execute projects with ease and precision. PREDICTION+ empowers Project Managers with advanced project management software so that high-level business strategy gets transformed into real-world results.

Connect Team Members in a Collaborative Environment

Today’s project teams have expanded to include global team members, vendors, partners and customers – all working towards common strategic objectives. The new extended enterprise requires a unified, secure environment where all team members have instant access to critical project data. PREDICTION+ offers the latest collaborative features to ensure your project teams are operating at maximum efficiency.

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