Schedule Reader

Schedule Reader

ScheduleReaderTM, is a simple to use viewer for XER and XML project schedules exported from Oracle® Primavera® P6®. It’s a standalone application that offers greater control by providing each member with clear activity insights.

The software does not connect to a database and does not require to have Primavera® P6® installed in order to open XER and XML project files.

ScheduleReaderTM comes in two versions: Standard and PRO.

The standard version is designed to modernize and improve project communications,by allowing dynamic view of the data contained in the XER and XML project files.

The PRO version contains all the features of the Standard Reader and additionally allows users to analyze schedule health, prepare reports, better visualize and present summaries of complex project data through the Reports and Dashboard functionality.

Main features

  • Activities - Interactive overview of the open project activities with visual presentation in Gantt View.
  • Different views - Activities, Projects, WBS, EPS, OBS, Resources, Assignments, Roles, Linear Scheduling, and Project Expenses.
  • Baselines - Easy visual comparison of different project versions.
  • Filters – Default, Layout and Custom filters for better filtering the activities, projects or assignments according to different criteria.
  • Groups – Grouping of project activities and assignments according to different user needs.
  • Auto Filtering data in one or more columns based on the cell contents.
  • Progress Update - commentsPropose assignment and activity feedback to superiors.
  • Trace Logic - Detailed analysis with focus on viewing predecessor/successor relationships.
  • Customization - custom layouts, filters, groups, bars and reports.
  • Graphical reports - DCMA 14 Schedule Quality Report and other Project Analysis.
  • S-curves in Activity Usage Profile view, Resource Usage Profile view and Histogram view
  • Translated on 8 languages: English, French, German, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, Japanese, Italian and Korean.

There is a high market demand for XER viewer as many project team members don’t need a fully featured professional software license to only view the project files. Instead of sharing the project data in PDF, companies are increasingly adopting ScheduleReaderTM as it provides a more sophisticated way to view and interact with the project data.

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