Safran Software Solutions AS offers products designed to handle both small, medium and large complex projects through Planner, Project and Web Access.

Safran Project:

Safran Project is developed and designed to handle the demands of large and complex projects.

With Safran Project, an organization is capable of executing and managing all types of projects. The software has been developed in collaboration with project managers within a sector that has strict requirements towards project control tools.

The industry standard within the Nordic oil & gas sector

Functionality, scalability, individual adaption and a range of extra modules and report functionalities make Safran Project a unique project tool. In the Nordic countries, Safran Project has become the industry standard for an entire sector in the professional market for project control tools.

Safran Project is the preferred project control tool for the Nordic oil- and off-shore- market, where over 90% of the larger project players have chosen Safran Project.

Why choose Safran Project?
  • Developed by professional project managers and by the industry itself
  • Adjusted to suit all project phases
  • Earned Value analysis
  • Easy to use, user friendly – has an interface that has been developed in close collaboration with users
  • A complete tool – Safran Project incorporates project planning, follow through, control and reporting
  • Flexible reporting capability – reports in the desired shape and
  • Excellent filtering opportunities – collects and uses the specific data required for a particular report
  • Full coverage of historical data and progress
  • Complete “What-if” analysis – lets you compare and evaluate trends and status
  • Real-time information and multi-user functionality that offers better coordination and collaboration

Implementing Safran Project improves processes and effectivity

After implementing Safran Project, a client measured 75% reduced time during the preparation of tenders. Many clients experience that using Safran Project leads not only to cuts in expenditure, but also to increased effectively in planning and project control.

This leads to a better utilization of scarce project resources:

  • High productivity through daily use
  • Attention to planning and control throughout the entire project phase, from estimates and tender to engineering,   fabrication, construction, completion and delivery
  • Continuous access to correct and up-to-date information concerning project status
  • Better estimates and resource allocation throughout all project phases
  • High user-friendliness leads to lower training costs
  • Better project communication throughout the projects lifetime across different projects, departments and organization
  • Integration with the entire organization improves resource allocation, identifies economies of scale, and sees to that functions and processes do not need to be duplicated within the same organization

Integration and adaption to the organization

Safran Project can be adjusted and integrated together with other systems in the organization. We offer two companion products for this purpose: Safran Details and Safran Developer.

Keeping to deadlines and budgets are critical success factors for any organization. To estimate, plan and execute projects within budgeted cost and time is considered a competitive advantage. The ability to carry through projects within time and budgets increases when one can base decisions on timely, accurate and relevant data regarding project status and progress.

The natural choice for project professionals

Having been is developed with the above objectives in mind, Safran Project is a natural choice for professional project managers. Safran Project will provide project managers and planners with a complete overview across geographical location, departments and projects. Safran Project eases the collaboration between departments, functions, planners and project managers within an organization, and allows for easier coordination of activities to achieve the best possible overall process.

Safran Planner:

Safran Planner is a complete planning tool for companies and organizations with small – medium-sized projects.

Safran Planner is both quick and simple to use and at the same time includes functionalities that within the professional marked are often found only in more costly and advanced systems.

The software package Safran Planner includes a diagram function and an interface that swiftly and easily allows the user to establish a complete project plan of activities, linked activities, sublevel-activities, milestones and dedicated resources to the different activities. This is presented in an easy-to-understand Gantt-diagram, where it is simple to present high-level activities or open the diagram up to show all activity levels with appurtenant milestones and sub-activities. It is straightforward to adjust start- and finish-dates, and maintain a continuous over view of project status in relation to budget cost and budget time.

Start planning with a powerful tool today

Safran Planner provides a simple way to plan and update projects, even small ones, using a simple interface. Using Safran Planner, managers will find that they have a powerful tool. Even the most elaborate projects and time lines can be mapped out quickly and easily.

Safran Planner is suited for:

  • Project managers of small- and medium-sized projects
  • Corporate Users
  • Product developers
  • Department Mangers
  • Administrators
  • Software Developers
  • A/E/C (Architecture/Engineering/Construction)
  • Bank and Finance
  • Public Utilities
  • Government
  • For educational purposes – students, training etc.

Why choose Safran Planner?

  • Advanced functionality within a user-friendly interface
  • Easy to use – swift to establish new projects
  • A complete planning tool for small- and medium-sized projects
  • The project plan is presented in a easy-to-understand graphical user interface
  • Quick and stable software which is simple to use and demands few resources.
  • The markets best solution in relation to price and functionality

Key functionality inherited from Safran Project

  • Gantt diagram
  • Resource analysis
  • Full CPM (Critical Path Method) functionality
  • Calendar
  • Resource- and cost-histograms
  • Create a library of different diagram lay-outs

Key functionality

In larger projects where complexity and coordination between geographical locations, planners, different parties and departments are a challenge, Safran Project is a more appropriate tool for project managers.

Safran Web Access:

Safran Web Access gives project members and stakeholders access to up-to date project information.

In order to make the right decisions, to lead and to manage better, managers at all levels need timely, reliable project and business information accessible and in a convenient form. Out-of-date is just another way of saying inaccurate.

Safran Web Access represents an efficient delivery vehicle for Safran Project’s reports, including the project’s official weekly and monthly report packages. It enables easy access to these report packages through your web browser. Safran Web Access may also act as companion product to Safran Planner.

You may also use Safran Web Access for entering your project actuals, i.e progress and expenditure.

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