Skire offers many solution options from an enterprise-wide Lifecycle approach or Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), to targeted solutions such as Project Controls, Document Management, Cash Flow Forecasting, Work Order Management, Lease Management, Space Management and more.  All individual solutions are part of the overall Unifier platform enabling customers to grow with the system over time.  From an implementation perspective, most customers will roll out capabilities in a phased manner.  Regardless of your needs, Skire’s solutions are:

Purpose-Built to support the specialized needs of the industry.

Generic applications just simply do not meet the needs of the Capital Projects, Facilities and Real Estate industries which involve unique processes, highly specialized and specific requirements, and intricate multi-party relationships.  A system that is not purpose-built will not be adopted by users – instead, users will revert to the old ways of spreadsheets and manual processes.

Flexible to support the unique needs of every customer.

Unifier is an extraordinarily flexible solution that can be configured at the application level and without any custom code. Skire has solved the puzzle of providing a tailored solution to meet specific customer needs, while fully supporting automatic version upgrades.

Deployed Quickly – The End of the On-Premise and IWMS industry ways.

Despite servicing many large customers with differing requirements, Skire delivers rapid Time to Value usually via a phased approach. The old on-premise or current IWMS curse of long and costly implementations is replaced in favor of a system being operational in weeks or months. Our proven deployment methodology eliminates the biggest problem associated with IWMS implementations – spending years and millions before getting any system use.

Simple to use via the cloud.

Unifier and its range of capabilities share an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, so once a person learns one process, he or she can quickly be productive with others.

Accessible via an Internet connection or mobile device.

Ubiquitous access is a must-have in these days of the always connected world. If you can access the Internet, you can use Unifier. From either your laptop or mobile phone.

Extensible to interface with other client systems such as ERP.

Interfacing Unifier with other existing enterprise systems is a requirement for virtually all customers.  It is usually a question of when and not if.  With a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Unifier interfaces with other systems via Web Services / XML, as well as providing other options.

Capital Project & Program Management

Unifier addresses the planning and execution of capital programs and projects – whether global construction programs, a single mega-project, IT project portfolios, small retrofit programs or anything in between. 

Unifier enables you to manage business processes and information through every phase of a program or project – from planning and design, through procurement, project execution, and into operations and maintenance. Regardless of the size of your organization, Skire’s Unifier easily adapts to optimize your business processes and support your teams. 

Customers can deploy whatever solution mix makes sense for their needs, from an enterprise-wide CPPM across all projects, a single project deployment or targeted solutions such as Project Controls, Document Management, Bid Management, Cash Flow Forecasting, Earned Value Management, and more. All individual solutions are part of the overall Unifier platform enabling customers to grow with the system over time.  

Learn more about the specifics of Skire’s CPPM solution below.

Capital Planning and Project Initiation
Every organization is faced with the ongoing challenge of ...

Document Management and Collaboration
Having the most current documents readily available to all project ...

Funding and Grants Management
Most capital projects, especially in the public sector, have several funding ...

Cost Control
Managing costs on a project by looking in the ...

Bid and Procurement Management
Managing the construction bidding process is quite different than procuring ...

Contract Management
Unifier helps you manage all of your contracts regardless of type ...

Cash Flow Management
Managing finances to maximize investment dollars is a business ...

Earned Value Management
Understanding the true status of a project is critical for ...

Schedule Management
The market is filled with Gantt chart-based schedule management tools, ...

Resource Management
A large project can involve hundreds or even thousands of ...

Facilities Management

Effective facilities management has a direct impact across the enterprise. Not only do cost effective operations impact the corporate bottom line, but proper maintenance of assets leads to higher utilization rates, better resale value and improved overall employee satisfaction.

As facilities management costs are the second largest expenditure after payroll for many companies, it is critical to be efficient in the use of this budget.  Having robust facilities information, service history, and documentation – and making that information easily accessible to all relevant users – is one of the foundations of effective operations.  Coordinating resources and equipment across the enterprise is the anther key ingredient for smooth facilities management.  Finally, the power to synthesize this information and make informed decisions about the assets puts the Facilities Management team in a position to be more strategic than just managing work orders reactively.

Skire’s Facilities Management solution gives you control over all of these aspects of your facilities, assets, spaces, and other resources.  Our industry-leading business process automation streamlines management activities, automates mundane tasks, enforces business rules and empowers our users.

Customers can elect to deploy whatever solution mix makes sense for your needs, from an enterprise-wide Facilities Management solution across all facilities, to targeted solutions such as Work Order Management or Space Management.  All individual solutions are part of the overall Unifier platform enabling customers to grow with the system over time.  Regardless of your needs, an enterprise-class solution is available deployed in the cloud for Low Risk and Rapid Time to Value.

Learn more about the specifics of Skire’s Facilities Management solution below.

Preventative Maintenance
As a facility manager, you constantly struggle to balance costs ...

Work Order Management
The number of maintenance and operations tasks required to ... 

Asset Management
While tracking facilities and their conditions is a data intensive ... 

Space Management
In today’s dynamic corporate environment it is critical to ... 

Reservation Management
Ensuring the efficient and effective utilization of facilities and equipment across ... 

Sustainability and Energy Management
Several years ago, energy conservation was driven as a cost ...

Condition Assessment
When organizations wish to extend their control of deferred maintenance ...

Real Estate Management

Managing your real estate portfolio effectively means simultaneously driving efficient operations, maximizing space utilization and improving cash flow at multiple properties around the world.  Sometimes these goals can come into conflict, making the real estate portfolio manager’s job that much harder.  Skire’s Unifier not only helps manage and automate the day-to-day operations of real estate management, but it provides you with comprehensive views of your entire real estate portfolio.  This includes both operational control and strategic visibility into how a range of potential decisions can affect it. Whether properties are located across town or around the world, Skire’s Unifier™ enables you to control all aspects of your real estate and associated transactions. 

Customers can elect to deploy whatever solution mix makes sense for your needs, from an enterprise-wide Lease Management solution across all owned and leased properties, to targeted solutions such as Lease Management or Transaction Management.  All individual solutions are part of the overall Unifier platform enabling customers to grow with the system over time.  Regardless of your needs, an enterprise-class solution is available deployed in the cloud for Low Risk and Rapid Time to Value.

Learn more about the specifics of Skire’s Real Estate Management solution below.

Portfolio Management
Real Estate Portfolio Managers have a difficult task: they ...

Lease Management
Property leasing can be a complicated function that quickly ... 

Transaction Management
In a real estate portfolio, the efficient execution ...

Integrated Workplace Management

Whether you are looking for a solution to help maintain your facilities, optimize your property portfolio, or control your projects, Unifier provides substantial value and rapid ROI. This return can increase substantially as you look to manage your facilities and projects across the entire lifecycle in a common, purpose-built platform.

Now, the organization has the visibility and tools that support strategic decisions from initial planning, through project execution or creation of the asset, and into the ongoing operations, maintenance and real estate management functions. Critical data flows seamlessly across the lifecycle of the enterprise, eliminating barriers and driving exponential efficiencies.

Unifier is the leading platform for integrated lifecycle management of capital assets, facilities, and real estate – also referred to as an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS). As a true IWMS solution, Unifier delivers market-leading solutions across the breadth of capabilities on One Platform. The entire Unifier IWMS system has been built from the ground up by Skire – no merging of different products via acquisitions – just a single system designed for the lifecycle purpose.

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