Steelray Project Analyzer

Steelray Project Analyzer

Steelray Project Analyzer takes the pain out of creating, maintaining and delivering quality schedules. With Steelray Project Analyzer, you can evaluate your project schedule for quality and performance in minutes and produce understandable results. The Steelray Coach feature enables you to address issues and maximize schedule performance quickly through clear, actionable guidelines for success.

Analyze your schedule against project management best practices, internally defined best practices and government best practices.

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Steelray Project Analyzer delivers:

  • Time and Dollar Savings—Analyzer drastically reduces the time to analyze, create schedule reports and resolve issues from hours to seconds. Save money and get better results!
  • Visibility—Analyzer discovers the hidden schedule or data problems that might be missed or too time consuming to find. It produces clear, actionable reports that quickly tell you if you are in line with auditing and compliance responsibilities for a sound critical path. It takes you directly to the schedule data so that you better understand your schedule and ultimate risks.
  • Coach—Through the Steelray Coach, issues are identified and step-by-step instructions are presented on how to resolve the issue. You can even view the formula used in evaluating the issue.
  • Consistency—Analyzer delivers a common set of criteria that helps to promote enterprise-wide standards for project schedule quality. Results and scheduling expert knowledge are easily shared.
  • Guidance—Analyzer provides current and relevant quality checks you may or may not have known existed and guidance on how to maintain a quality schedule. As best practices and schedules change, it becomes more difficult to stay up to date on new quality checks and to determine how to measure your schedules for quality.
  • Better Schedules—The bottom line is that Analyzer promotes quality schedules. Higher quality schedules drive the ultimate success of your project and additional analysis, such as Risk or Earned Value Analysis.

How to get started

  • Select at least one project and one report
  • Click the Analyze button
  • View the results within seconds

Analyzing a schedule really is that simple. Steelray Project Analyzer is compatible with Microsoft® Project (2003, 2007, and 2010), Project Server 2007, and Primavera P6. You can create reports as Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, web pages, or dashboards. You can customize reports and existing criteria or develop new criteria using our Criteria Editor. Just click on dashboard links to navigate directly to the problem areas in your schedule so they can be addressed, or share the information with others in minutes.

Fast, Efficient Project Management Tools

Check schedule quality and performance in a few minutes or less. Steelray Project Analyzer’s automated process is far more reliable than tedious manual processes or home-grown programs. The technology is fully compatible with Microsoft Project 2010.