SWS ChainLink

SWS ChainLink

Until recently, the only way to produce Time Location charts was by hand, either with pen and paper, or by using a CAD system.   This is a long, laborious, time consuming process and, just as the last line or annotation has been drawn, along comes the Project Manager with new ideas or information which requires changes to the programme.

ChainLink resolves this problem, Time Location Charts can be produced in minutes using manually entered data or the data from your existing Project Management system. Providing your existing system runs under Microsoft Windows 2000 or above and has the capability of copying the activity data and timings to the Clipboard, usually by means of the Cut or Copy commands, then  ChainLink can handle the rest, producing a variety of Time Location Charts on any printer or plotter.


In addition, data can be imported directly from an interim file such as a Microsoft Project Exchange (MPX) file, a Primavera P3(PRN) file or a Primavera P4/5/6(XER) file.


Easy to Use


ChainLink has been designed for ease of use all data is entered or edited on a spreadsheet, a format familiar to most computer users.



Toolbars, Popup Menus and Colour Palettes are available to assist with data entry, editing formatting, manipulation and the selection of Line styles, Bar styles and Colours.

Key/Legend, Label, User Defined Bars and Calendar data can be transferred from other projects.

The chart may be previewed by clicking on a single button on the toolbar and pictures, text, milestones and notes added on this screen.

A fully comprehensive, context sensitive, help system is included, which may be called up at any time.


Data Import


Data may be imported into ChainLink’s simple spreadsheet format either by means of the clipboard or by using the built-in conversion utilities for interim files such as Microsoft Project Exchange (MPX), Primavera P3 Export (PRN) or Primavera P4/5/6 Export (XER) files.

Most Microsoft Windows based project management systems, such as Microsoft Project, Primavera P3, P3e, P5, P6 and SureTrak, CS Project, Project Commander, etc., which display the data in spreadsheet form on the screen, can make effective use of the clipboard to transfer the data into the ChainLink system.

Once transferred the data can easily be edited, added to, formatted, etc on a simple spreadsheet form.

Bar formatting, Key/Legend data, Location labels, Milestone markers, Text, Notes, Calendars and Graphics can be added to enhance the chart.

Alternatively, the data for the entire project may be entered manually if desired.


Design your own Page Layout




ChainLink allows you to design your own page setup and save your design for future use on other projects.

Chart layouts can be created for varying sizes of paper, for different types of printer or to suit personal preferences.

Load the Page Setup utility and simply drag and drop containers for logos, notes, key/legend, title block and activity listings anywhere on the chart and resize using the mouse or by entering sizes and co-ordinates.


Format the Chart



Use the Format Chart utility to personalise your chart.


Select the page layout and your company logo file(s) and select which other items are to be shown on the chart.


Set the time and location grid spacing and the direction, up or down, left to right or right to left in which they are to run.


Sort and filter the activities to be shown using any of the activity data fields.


And, finally, specify the calendar parameters to produce an individually tailored chart to suit the needs of any particular project.


Enhance the Chart


Enhance the chart with a choice of over 80 different bar styles ranging from 5 different line styles, through 24 open, hatched and solid bars, boxes and triangles, 5 symbols and 50 user definable bar styles.

Add up to four company logos, pictures or clipart.

Place an outline diagram, map or drawing of the project at the top of the chart.

Insert pictures or clipart anywhere on the chart.

Insert text and milestones, to show final and sectional completion dates, anywhere on the chart.

Add notes to the Notes column.

Replace the numeric location labels with meaningful text labels and vary the vertical grid line styles to highlight changes of section or physical features.

Finally, add a Key or Legend of the bar styles for easy reference.

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