Turbo Chart - Linear Project Software

Turbo Chart - Linear Project Software


Turbo-Chart is desktop software (not cloud/browser) that installs to any Windows computer to create elegant Time-Location charts in minutes from your existing project schedule data. Unlike other software such as Tilos, Turbo-Chart is designed to let you continue using your existing scheduling tool (e.g. P6, MS Project, Asta PowerProject, Safran etc). Data exchange is quick, simple (and FREE) and can even be achieved just using copy and paste. Read more here at https://www.turbo-chart.com/

Why Use Time-location Charts?

Improve your Project Schedule Communication and Analysis using Turbo-Chart. Condense hundreds or thousands of tasks onto a single page that clearly shows the big picture to all stakeholders – the easiest and quickest way to create linear schedules/Time location diagrams for linear projects. If you require Linear Scheduling software, time chainage software or line of balance software, then Turbo-Chart meets all these requirements


  1. Understand your project better
  2. Visualise your entire project on one page
  3. Avoid lengthy
  4. Tilos Training


  1. Get everyone on the same page
  2. Develop better bid schedules
  3. Avoid requiring a


  1. Keep all stakeholders informed from one report/graphic
  2. Compare schedules from multiple contractors at a glance