XENA Primavera Configuration Utility

XENA Primavera Configuration Utility

Trying to maintain configuration control when importing Primavera files is a common problem. Wouldn't it be nice to see the contents of the XER file BEFORE you import it?

Introducing the XENA Primavera Configuration Utility.

Xena allows users to view and change the coding structure of Primavera XER files to match the coding structure in your production database. The conversion setup takes as little as five or ten minutes and can then be saved as a template so that your conversions are consistent and can be done right EVERY TIME!

XENA is a powerful set of utilities that provide organizations with the ability to review and monitor Primavera databases with a focus on CONFIGURATION CONTROL.

AcceleratedPM, LLC has teamed with Mustang Technologies to develop the XENA Utility to solve issues many clients experience. XENA is a confiuration warrior designed to protect your Primavera data. Click here to download XENA XER and try it for 30 days.

Benefits of the XENA Primavera Configuration Utility Tools


XENA allows users to revise an XER import file based on their Primavera Data requirements.

  • Activity Codes
  • Project Codes
  • Resource Codes
  • Calendars UDF Types (User Defined Fields)
  • UOM (Units of Measure)

Multiple templates can be stored so that XER files can be efficiently handled from multiple sources. The XENA Utility saves time and money by eliminating the labor intensive step of importing XER files into a test database to clean up the codes.

XENA Conversion Templates

A library of templates can be built to store conversion settings. Template conversion setting can be selected in the following tabs:

  • General
  • Activity Codes
  • Project Codes
  • Resource Codes
  • Calendars
  • UDF Types
  • UOM

The General tab displays the Primavera version of the original XER file. A new Primavera version may be selected for the output (to match the Primavera version you are using). A prefix can be automatically applies to any of the code structures.

The additional tabs display code values from the original XER file and allow users to map these codes to the desired production database codes or to rename the codes in the revised XER file. Other features allow the ability to change activity codes from Global to Project level.

Conversion templates may be re-used. This useful feature means consistent handling of XER files repeatedly from the same source, such as when applying weekly updates from a contractor.