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Internal Newsletter : Issue 02 (Jan 2010)


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Dear Members,

Thanks for the interest and enthusiasm shown. We have more than 85 members within 36 hours from launch of this portal. That’s excellent news. Well, there is lot to come, so continue to contribute at your best. Here are few areas, our team is working on:

* Discussion ongoing with various educational institutes and certification bodies to start training programs at our e-learning section
* Discussion undergoing for corporate sponsorship.
* Recruiters and Employers will soon be starting posting of Project Controls Opportunities. Due to data protection laws, detailed scrutnisation is required before we allow anyone to post the jobs. Remember, they will have your CV’s so we have to make sure they go into right hands and privacy is not compromised.
* Premium (read paid :-)) modules are under preparation by some of the industry experts. We expect to launch them very soon.

Thanks once again and continue to look forward for you active participation.
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