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Internal Newsletter : Issue 03 (Feb 2010)


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Dear Users,

Once again thanks for joining this portal and for your involvement. Its been less than 3 weeks we have launched this portal and glad to see such a positive response from PC Community. In this announcement, we'd like to give you an overview on recent changes we have made along with various developments which are under progress :

Lets talk of the recent changes first:

1) Contact us:The contact us page has been revised with 3 additional subsections giving you an insight on who are the people behind this portal, testimonials we have received till date and our community reach. I am glad to inform we are now spread across more than 30 countries and covering almost every corner of this planet. That’s very motivating for us especially after achieving this in such short span.

2) JobZone: We are proud to inform that we have registered more than 15 specialist Project Controls recruiters across the regions. We have had more than 20 odd PC opportunities posted till date and I am confident our recruiting partners will be contributing lot more in the coming times. I am sure those who has registered for job alerts, are receiving alerts on daily basis. If you are facing any difficulty or don’t know how to subscribe for job posts, please contact us and we will be glad to help you out.

3) Free Library: We are happy to note the downloads from our free library section which were uploaded by some of our enthusiastic members. Hope you all are finding it useful. Its a FREE service and any registered user can upload any Project Controls Literature which they think might benefit our community. Lets take the maximum advantage of this feature by helping each other especially when it doesn’t cost anything.

4) Blog: We’d say the same thing for Blog. Feel free to pen down your views on ongoing PC issues or even publishing your own work, if you like. Whilst doing that, please be responsible and make sure you don’t violate/infringe any copy rights issues/laws.

5) Internal & Industry news: We keep updating our developments at Internal news section of this portal. We also have a Industry news section to make you aware of PC updates across the globe. We haven’t got much success in finding direct RSS feeds to populate this section and are still exploring on it. If you are aware of any info/news which you think might benefit our community, please feel free to share with us.

Here is the insight on some of the features in progress:

1) Premium e-learning module & library: We expect to launch this section sometime next week. Here, we will be providing structured Project Controls training modules to our users along with a premium project controls material prepared by some of the industry experts. We are also in talks with various education providers to come up with additional training materials which then would provide options to our users.

2) Detailed Profile Section: We are working on a feature which will allow users to upload their detailed profile which can be viewed by our recruiters and other members.

3) Recruiter Directory and Project Controls Education/Software’s Providers Directory: We are compiling the information for this and will be uploaded soon. For enable us to widen our reach, you may please share recruiters/employers in your region/network with us.

4) Corporate sponsorships: We have been talking to our corporate sponsors for their agreement and backing to his portal. Its taking longer than required however we are confident they realise the potential of this portal and support us in all possible ways.

There are few more ongoing developments however due to confidentially agreements we have signed with our partners, we cant disclose them at this point of time. Apologize for the same but we can assure you of sharing those with you in near future. In the meantime, please keep visiting and look forward to your active participation.

Best Regards,
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