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Internal Newsletter : Issue 04 (Mar 2010)


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Hello Members,

Thanks for your continued support and here we come with our 4th newsletter. We are delighted to see the response we have received to our portal which is just 2 months old today. We currently have reach in more than 58 countries (per latest GA report) and pleased to note the continuous increase in membership. The support we have received from you making us work harder and deliver better. Thanks again for all suggestions which we are carefully considering for implementation in near future. In the meantime, keep sending your thoughts and continue to help us improve.

New features:

We are proud to announce the completion of our e-learning section which now has 2 additional areas i.e., Training modules and Premium library. You now have access to various training modules which were painstakingly developed by industry experts to assist budding and intermediate project controllers around the globe. You can also be benefited by various project controls literature developed by our subject specialists. Please feel free to access them and leave your feedback on its content.

Features in progress:

1) Surveys: With our reach in every continent, we are coming up with this service for our members to get opinion that could help them in taking professional decisions or shaping their career.

2) Member Profile: We always aimed to maintain ProjectControlsOnline as niche & exclusive Project controllers portal. To help us in this objective, we will very soon be coming up with detailed member profile feature which would enable us to screen the genuine users on this portal. This would also enable group members to display their expertise, experience and competency resulting into increasing their reach to other members of the group. We respect our users privacy and we’d be offering them all the options to hide/display their profile details.

3) Project Controls Recruiters directory: We are in the process of finalizing this with our 40 odd (& growing) registered recruiters and will come up with required details very soon.

4) Additional material in e-learning: To expand the current range of topics, we are in talks with various engineering bodies & institutes to come up with additional material for our e-learning section. We will update our database as and when we hear from them and after careful review of the supplied literature.

5) Accreditation: This feature is taking longer than we envisaged before. There are few technical & geographical issues related to this and we are working hard towards resolving them. This may take time however this is our top priority and we hope to get some positive results soon.

6) Corporate Sponsorship: We are very selective when it comes to partners and sponsors for our portal. Delay in this does not affect our services and hence we are taking liberty of taking extra care & time in choosing them.

That was all for this newsletter and we expect to come back to you soon with more updates and news. In the meantime, please continue to contribute at your best and help us in expanding our reach by spreading the word about this portal.

Best Regards,
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