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Internal Newsletter : Issue 05 (Aug 2010)


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Hello Fellow Project Controls Practitioners,

As always, we thank you for your constant support and all the affection you have expressed for what we have been trying to do at ProjectControlsOnline (PCO).  Based on your suggestions and feedback, PCO is still evolving steadily.  In coming days you will hear from us about some incredibly unique features (never seen before anywhere).  

In the meantime, we take this opportunity to give you a brief update on developments taking place at YOUR “Home for Project Controls:”

1) General: We are constantly working on improving the “look and feel” of the PCO portal, especially by presenting the information in more a lucid and organised way.

2) Free & Premium Library: We have been flooded with requests for populating a variety of data under this section. Particular interest has been expressed in schedule templates for varying project types (by sector and phase). To this end, we invite you to develop & publish/promote any literary pieces you may wish to share, and they can be offered FREE or for a fee.  Under the Premium Library, you can market your content for whatever price you set.  We will not mark up your price; our goal is simply to provide an outlet for you to educate and elucidate fellow Project Controls practitioners.

3) E-Learning:  We have revised this section with various news features such as Accreditation Training, Project Controls Software Trainings  and several other upcoming features. As you may have noticed, we have commenced our premium BLENDED learning/training towards accreditations such as AACEi & PMP. We plan to kick start Project Controls Software training and general training within the next two weeks. So, keep checking for newer and updated content.

4) Info Pad: This is dedicated area that provides FREE information to all our members is NOW LIVE AND OPERATIONAL. Please let us know if you’d like to identify yourself here or if you have any link(s) which may benefit fellow Practitioners.  

5) JobZone: We are constantly expanding our reach when it comes to your career.  We have received very positive interest from our registered recruiters resulting into jobs form almost every continent. Please note that you can register for job alerts, which is a very simple and easy process to set up. This will allow you to be notified, via email, each time a new job listing is posted to the PCO JobZone.

We look forward to your continuous support and welcome any suggestions you may have on how we can further improve YOUR “Home for Project Controls.”

Regards, Team
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