The Business Case For Enterprise Project Performance

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The Business Case For Enterprise Project Performance

Maximizing your project returns has never been so critical. With the fast-paced construction landscape, projects require real-time insights for increased visibility and optimization of resources, to ensure that project performance, and deadlines are achieved. Whether you’re an executive tasked with digitally transforming your entire business or a project professional wrestling with increasing project complexity, digital solutions can help. Read more about the business case for enterprise project performance (EPP) in this industry-focused eBook and learn how to maximize returns and margins with the support of Hexagon’s solutions.

The Business Case For Enterprise Project Performance

Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) is a mindset that expands from improving outcomes of individual projects to one that also heavily considers achievement of business objectives for ALL projects within your organization.

Leveraging Enterprise Project Performance software helps project-driven organizations maximize returns and margins in today’s fast-changing construction landscape.

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Read The Business Case for Enterprise Project Performance to learn why EPP is so crucial in today’s evolving capital-projects environment. You’ll also learn how effective project performance management helps firms stay profitable and competitive while delivering capital projects.

Inside the eBook, we'll cover topics including: An overview of Enterprise Project Performance

The changing landscape for capital project industries

Challenges organizations are battling that result in constant overruns in cost and schedule

Key Performance Indicators to help measure improvements in efficiency, predictability and control across your entire project portfolio

How improving your projects technology ecosystem leads to better performance, realization of business outcomes

  • - and financial benefits including:
  • - Reduced project costs by 5% to 10%.
  • - Reduced opportunity costs by 10% to 30%.
  • - Reduced related IT and PMO costs by 20% to 40%.

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Now and into the future, thriving in the evolving industry landscape requires the adoption of new technology to gain efficiency, predictability and control across all projects.