Sustainability in Project Management Industry Report

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Sustainability in Project Management Industry Report

Last year, ARES PRISM encouraged their members to participate in a short survey on how sustainability was impacting the project management industry. They are pleased to announce that the formal industry report is now available for download.

This industry survey provides insight into how project professionals and project management organizations are accounting for sustainability. The report dives into some of the key sustainability issues and developments across the project management industry. This year’s 2022 results highlighted some interesting insights around which project sustainability initiatives are being implemented most often, and how project professionals as well as their organizations perceive the importance of sustainability in project management.

This report covers:

  1. How do different industries & regions compare to others in terms of project sustainability?
  2. What methods are organizations are using to measure project sustainability efforts?
  3. Where to begin measuring sustainability metrics of a project if you aren't yet?
  4. A breakdown of global sustainability initiatives at the project level as well as at the corporate level across regions, industries, and respondents experience levels.

Read or download full version.