Savage Services to Deliver Project Cost Management with ARES PRISM Software

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Savage Services to Deliver Project Cost Management with ARES PRISM Software

Savage Services Corporation selects ARES PRISM project controls software to enhance their project reporting and improve overall project visibility.
BURLINGAME, CA, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / -- Savage Services Corporation, a Utah-based transportation, logistics, materials handling and industrial services corporation, has chosen ARES PRISM project management software to help manage their projects’ costs. Savage Services provides a broad portfolio of services to Design, Build, Own, Operate & Maintain (DBOOM) facilities which manage critical materials across the globe.

Savage Services will utilize ARES PRISM project controls software in a cloud-hosted environment to deliver dependable cost data, forecasts, change management, performance measurement and reporting for their projects in real-time.

“With ARES PRISM, Savage Services will reduce the use of spreadsheets for project controls and increase overall project visibility,” David Powell, Director, Project Controls at Savage Services, said. “This solution will increase confidence in our cost and schedule project reporting throughout the execution of our projects.”

Utilizing PRISM Cost and PRISM Dashboard modules, all budgeting, resource planning, time-phasing, progress and performance measurement, earned value management, cost and schedule analysis, change management, forecasting and reporting will be managed in one centralized location.

“Savage Services’ strategic priorities include smart growth and scalability,” Shayne Andersen, Vice President, Engineering & Construction, said. “Using this software is the type of forward-thinking approach that is at the core of our company’s success in serving our Customers.”

“This is an example of how we can bring our robust project cost and reporting solutions together to create value for our customers as they deliver value to their own customers,” Geoffrey Stubson, Chief Financial Officer of ARES Project Management, LLC, said. “The quality of our solutions and our consistency of delivering results truly makes ARES PRISM an ideal solution.”

One of the most experienced chemical and petrochemical handlers in the United States, Savage operates more than 50 rail terminals throughout North America, transloading hundreds of thousands of railcars of dry- and liquid-bulk commodities annually. Savage Services handles a variety of chemicals and petrochemicals, petroleum products, resins, fuels, food-grade products, construction materials and other industrial commodities.

ARES PRISM software is utilized across many sectors including transportation, oil and gas, energy, utilities, mining, construction, consulting firms, government agencies and more to manage the performance of projects at every stage all within a single platform. Clients enjoy the flexibility of choosing the ARES PRISM products they need to fit their portfolio, whether it is estimating, cost management, engineering management, procurement, document or contract management, field management, executive dashboards, or our integration platform. For more information about ARES PRISM, please contact

About Savage Services: Established in 1946, Savage moves and manages critical materials for Customers using rail, trucks, and marine vessels, and through the design, construction, and operation of terminals and other industrial facilities across North America and internationally. The company’s purpose is to enable Customers and Partners to Feed the World, Power Our Lives, and Sustain the Planet. Savage provides comprehensive services across Customers’ supply chains in the Agriculture, Energy and Chemical, and Environmental Sectors. For more information, please visit

About ARES PRISM: ARES PRISM is enterprise project controls software that manages the complete project lifecycle delivering dependable forecasts, cost control, and performance measurement. PRISM is a scalable, robust and intuitive system that harnesses industry best practices and integrates all aspects of the project, including cost and schedule, change management, project estimating, earned value, contracts & procurement, and field progressing. Achieve superior project management with increased visibility and control, boosted accuracy and efficiency, and improved financial performance. Learn more at

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